Alberta jobs, for Mexican Citizens only

A Calgary-based company advertises jobs in Alberta that are only open to Mexican Citizens, the employer’s website shows.

Mexi-Can Labour Force Inc is currently advertising a number of positions for tradespersons and related skilled workers that are “Sólo para ciudadanos Mexicanos” – only For Mexican Citizens.


The company has been approved by the government to hire temporary foreign workers, information received from Employment and Social Development Canada as a response an Access to Information Act request shows.


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  1. The ad is for a vacuum truck operator which there is most definitely a huge shortage of in Alberta right now. If you want this job, which is generally an unskilled position (i.e. no special education required) then I really would encourage anyone to come to Alberta because I can almost guarantee that you will be hired pretty much immediately at any Vac Truck company for this type of position.

  2. Not complete  |  

    The other side of this issue is that these employers and their buddies are making money on the rent they charge TFWs to live in their accommodations. It’s a clawback, and I bet they aren’t claiming the rental income. I suggest people start reporting these landlords to the CRA.

    • I know of a employer that owns a house and has 12 Mexicans staying in it…… 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and charges them 600 per month EACH, that is $ 7200.00 per month…….and told them next year the rent might go up to 7 or 800 cause the water bill is high….. WTF, talk about ripping off the Mexicans

  3. @ Bob **Don’t be too quick to assume that there is a shortage of people who would apply for a vac truck operator. Those 80 jobs on kijiji are not screened as you have also included the workers wanted to vac hotel rooms! And, those who are Looking For Work.

    The whole program has become so entrenched and was without oversight so we tend to moralize without thinking analytically or critically.
    One of the talking points (talking points being a ‘meme’ that the gov’t creates and then we the sheeple repeat ad nauseum) is that Canadian workers are lazy or too entitled and the other is that there are sooooo many jobs that need to be filled. Careful on those talking points.

  4. @Bob As well, even a vac labourer needs all the their tickets to even get on site. It is that 3000 bucks or so that the employer snaffled from Canada’s EI monies to train new workers. Subsidies that we paid for to train TFW’s when there are people here whom could certainly use those tickets to try to gain employment.

  5. A posting looking for Mexican workers! Something like the mine in BC needing Maderine speaking working. What a load of shit. To many employers taking advantage of the TFW program! Get rid of the TFW program!

  6. Why aren’t Canadians protesting? Other countries protest for what they believe in!! I am 64 and cannot believe what this country has become in not supporting the Canadians who are born here!!!

  7. If they are asking for Mexican citizen only it’s because its harder to get a Colombian or Argentinan citizen to apply for this jobs when the recruiting agency is located in Mexico city. Even for Mexicans living outside Mexico city the process would be very expensive and time consuming. Its not about race Its about a business trying to make a buck. Alberta is doing pretty good when it comes to Economy and I believe the opportunities are out there but you have to be willing to work for it. Anybody can drive a truck but nobody is willing to do that (very hard work. Extended hours with no overtime. No family life etc.)

  8. Please give me a call at 011523222787038 I live in San Vicente Nayarit México ready to fly at any moment. Just let me know what to do and what the requirements are? Thank you for your response to my inquiry I will be looking forward to hear from you soon thank you again.

  9. Please give me a call 011526142626076 im in Chihuahua Chih Mex i have 8 years experience in vacuum truck in the oil field i worked in odessa tx for more than 10 years in oil field.Thanks.

  10. I am experience on construction feel work hotels and restaurants and lots others jobs I would like to have the opportunity to work in Canada I speak Inglis very well and l speak some French and I would love to learn French as well as Inglis this is my watsapp number 3221078411 if please contact me I will be working very hard thank you very much.

  11. Am an experienced customer service rep as well as other jobs am about to become as a auxilery nurse witch means i will certified to work at senior hospiss homes i speak english n spanish english being my first language

  12. I’m intrested in working in Canada I live in Monterrey Mexico ,do you know if there’s any other job openings availavable ?could you please provide me with some information ? I would really appreciate it ,thank you !

  13. I’m a very hard working man, 42, family man and I would be interested moving to Canada I have a passport and a regular driver license I have been driving cense I was 15years old my English is at good 80% I can speak, write and read… my name is Marco Garcia my e-mail is [email protected] thank you


    I think it’s time to get a good choice we ben working so hard on this country to feed the family’s and live like a great persons and they pay us back whit all this racism they have a big confused on every race we do have a bad people but that don’t mind everyone it’s that way and yes thanks to Canada to trust me and my race to open your gate . My name it’s sabino solorzano mexicano and am here in Texas working in a big company making a new substations or update existing ones am a site superintendent.

  15. Man all of you guys are wrong and dums
    1.- they hire mexican´s because we do work don´t hire canadian´s because you guys are lazy
    2.- they hire mexican´s because we understand the needs and they understand that we need the money not because we are cheap because we win the same as a any o you guys we do understand our rights and but we also understand that you guy have different rules
    3.- they hire mexican´s because we are better and we do cover all the expectations of the position
    4.- And they don´t hire you red-necks because you guys may ask for a automatic truck LOL and if some one want to give it a try im here i can teach you guys so next time that they have the same position you guys will have the experience and cover the requirements

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