Examining LMOs prepared by lawyers following journalistic investigation

Today, we sent access to information requests to Employment and Social Services Canada (ESDC) to obtain records related to the Labour Market Opinion (LMO) issued to employers whose LMO applications were prepared by two lawyers and their law firms based on the outcomes of the journalistic investigation we carried out last week. The lawyers and their offices in question are:

1. Adela Crossley of Law Office of Adela Crossley of Toronto, Ontario
2. Aleksandar (Alex) Stojicevic of the law firm Maynard Kischer Stojicevic of Vancouver, British Columbia

We will publish the details of the applications as soon as we hear back from Minister Jason Kenney’s department. This will give Canadian citizens and permanent residents who unsuccessfully applied for those positions for which the LMOs were applied an opportunity to understand why temporary foreign workers were chosen in their stead.

Some may find solace in the knowledge that they were not the most suitable candidates for the posts. Others may feel aggrieved by perceived irregularities in the process and choose to act to resolve their grievances.

From Canadians being displaced from their jobs to migrant workers being subject to modern day slavery reports of temporary foreign worker program abuses are surfacing on a daily basis. Absence of oversight and lack of enforcement have allowed the abusers to act with impunity. The Canadian public has lost faith in the program and its administrators.

Two ingredients critical for the success of any government program are transparency and accountability. If the men and women in charge are unwilling or incapable of adding those ingredients to the temporary foreign worker program, then it behooves us all, the taxpayers who pay the salaries of these individuals, to assist them in doing their job.

Access to Information Request[PDF]

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