Operation RAILMOP: No Canadian résumé left out

We are launching a new operation to ensure that no résumé of a Canadian candidate goes straight into the trash can to make way for a temporary foreign worker.

We receive scores of emails every day from people accusing certain employers of throwing away résumés of Canadian applicants and hiring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) even when there are qualified Canadian candidates for jobs. While obtaining a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to bring in TFWs requires that employers try to find suitable Canadians first, there have been numerous reported cases where the recruitment “effort” to hire suitable Canadians amounted to nothing but fake job ads.

Operation Rejected Applicants Investigating Labour Market Opinion Process (RAILMOP) aims to address this travesty of process and ensure that no Canadian job applicant is displaced to make way for TFWs.

How does RAILMOP work?

We invite Canadian candidates who applied for jobs at known TFW employers but did not get a call back to report their experience to us. We will identify those employers who get reported repeatedly, and submit access to information and privacy (ATIP) requests to obtain details about all their LMO applications. We will publish the information obtained via the ATIP requests and invite the unsuccessful Canadian candidates to see for themselves what justifications were used to exclude their résumés. Canadian candidates who feel that the process was unfair will then be able to take appropriate legal action to redress their grievances.

How do I take part?

If you have not received a call back after applying for a job with a known TFW employer, please visit ntfw.ca/railmop to submit details of your experience. Your anonymity is guaranteed as we do not ask for any personally identifying information.

If you know someone who has been sending out résumés with no success, please direct them to ntfw.ca/railmop to submit details of their experience.

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  1. This is a fantastic move. This will open up every TFW employers who snubs Canadian applicants to potential legal action. Candidates who get displaced to make way for TFWs will be able to file CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS.

    I did some research, and It’s against the Human Rights codes of most provinces to not hire you based on your nationality alone (provided that you can legally work in Canada).

    If ANY employer hires a TFW over a Canadian without proper justification, they are violating the HR code of that province!

    This will make employers think twice, nay ten times, before putting Canadians out of work.

  2. I worked for a union and a few years ago the company I was dispatched to brought in Mexicans they were signed up with the union and put to work I have lost my job and many others were laid off but these people are still working and never been laid off our union stands by and let’s this happen they were set to work in the shop but they work in the field I am having a hard time finding any type of employment. Thanks for this website people who understand

  3. What I wonder is why no there is no class action lawsuit against these employers on behalf of Canadians who have denied work by what appears to be fraudulent means. If employers are throwing out Canadian resumes and lying to the government that there are no Canadians interested in the job then they are committing fraud against all Canadians. If you made a fraudulent EI claim how long before the government goes after you, but corporations are allowed to commit fraud to take part in the TWF scam ?

    Another cause of action would be discrimination laws. These companies are discriminating against Canadian citizens by denying them the chance for employment..

  4. What about a situation where an employer deliberately makes a job appear so unattractive that no sane Canadian would apply for the position thereby allowing an immigrant to get an LMO? I know of a company doing just that. They have an immigrant they want – the same immigrant who has worked on the project every summer for the last 6 or 7 years – and the company have written the job posting to perfectly match his education level, years of experience, language ability, etc. The thing is, the day rate would be $500-700 per day for the experience, tasks and hours involved yet they are advertising the position as just $250/day. I told some friends of the job posting since they are also qualified and they said that the pay was ridiculous and they wouldn’t apply. I feel like this company are deliberately making it unappealing for Canadians so they can get their beloved immigrant at a time when this province has so many out-of-work people in this particular industry.

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