Top 5 TFW Myths

Myth 1: Temporary foreign worker program creates jobs for Canadians

A report by C. D. Howe Institute shows that the temporary foreign worker program increases unemployment in certain sectors of the economy.

Myth 2: There’s an acute labour shortage in Canada

Research conducted by University of Lethbridge scholars found that “there were no skill shortages across the country, no labour shortages across the country, but there were pockets of regional shortages and cyclical shortages. By cyclical, we mean that there were periods in which shortages exist but they don’t last long. What the evidence says is that’s what has happened throughout Canada’s history, which is not rocket science.”

Myth 3: The temporary foreign workers are only working in rural areas where it is hard to attract Canadian workers

A map of companies approved for temporary foreign workers generated by NTFW.CA show that the TFW employers are mostly concentrated in urban centres such as Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Myth 4: The temporary foreign workers are doing highly specialized jobs

Analyses of NTFW.CA data show that the largest portion of the businesses that received authorizations were in the food service sector.

Myth 5: Canadian workers are lazy, whereas the temporary foreign workers are hard workers

Dan Kelly, the president Canadian Federation for Independent Business, has offered no objective evidence to support his assertion that “The strengths of some of the TFW workers, in terms of their work ethic is, it pains me to say this, but, sometimes it is better than that of their Canadian counterparts.”

Mr. Kelly later offered a clarification by saying: “as outlined in the actual quote, I said that some small business owners rank TFWs among their most productive employees. In most cases, small business owners tell me that they have many terrific, hard-working Canadian staff, but just need more of them.”

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    • The CFIB are nothing but a lobbyist group. You should be deported and a TFW in another country, see how you like it.

      • There are currently 1.4 million unemployed Canadians. Many of them are Canadian visible minorities. Our distaste for this broken program has absolutely nothing to do with race. But you already know this and are simply trying derail the real issues and defend this broken program. We Canadians will no longer fall for these lies. This program must end.

  1. For Dan Kelly (if that was him commenting),

    First of all, this is not about race. Racism and economy are two distinctly different issues. You have no idea if my ancestry is a combination of first nations and recent immigrant.

    I have sympathy for the people who are being sold the dream of Canadian citizenship in exchange for indenturing themselves in the TFW system. I do not see race or skin colour or accent as the issue.

    As a taxpaying Canadian and an integral part of the economy and political decision making however, I am paying for proper representation of Canadian rights and public interest. Why would I, as a taxpayer, want to support a system that leaves Canadians unemployed and receiving assistance from the pool of tax dollars? Why would I, as a taxpayer, support any form of corporate welfare that relies on slavery and the abandonment of human rights which our ancestors fought and died for? Why is any form of corporate welfare acceptable, particularly now that corporate taxes have been drastically reduced? If the business doesn’t work without the corporate welfare then, in a capitalist-type system, it should fail – not be propped up by tax dollars.

    Why would I support a system with tax dollars that is bigoted towards me, my children or my family, while watching exec pay packages inflate as a war on workers asking for a living wage is declared? Why are we supporting lobbying?

    Canadians are saying loud and clear that the TFW program is NOT in the public interest. The system has been based on grossly false data and the myth perpetuated by businesses who are finding their increased margins with the suppression of wages and human rights, and the profits of renting space to the TFW’s.

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