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  1. The government can help a great deal.
    The biggest way get rid of tfw’s.
    There giving all are jobs to the tfw’s think of it this way we pay taxes the tfw’s don’t

    • What an ignorant comment. Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about. Canadians and TFW pay the same amount of tax. Every damn thing that is being deducted from your paycheck is also deducted from a TFW’s paycheck. From E.I. income tax and CPP. And they don’t even get the benefit of claiming them since they only have 1-2 years of contract. And that’s why Canada will not remove this program since they are getting money out of these TFW’s. So please get your facts straight.

      • Joe you need to get your facts straight. You pay taxes in the country where you reside. The tax is taken but claimed back once to person files a return at home. There are some good point to this program but it’s being grossly abused at the cost of Canadian jobs.

      • Ummmm, excuse me but they may be paying the same taxes and everything but we are certainly not getting the same amount of economic benefit from them as we would from a Canadian worker. Have you ever heard of something called the velocity of money? Look it up smart ass! For every dollar I make and spend within Canada that money in turn has an economic benefit to other people in Canada, providing them with jobs, and in turn (once again) helping to provide me with a job. Those TFWs who make money and send it all back home are not doing us any favours.

        Canada for Canadians first.

  2. This is a crock of shit …I am a b.c ‘A’ticket welder an I’m over qualified for this work. .. Why not interview a canadien instead of a phillipino an see what his response to this problem is… The b.c welding schools put out the highest quality of welders in the world… This is just the canadian gov giving away out jobs just like they give away our trees.

    • Not just our trees. Our lakes, rivers and seas. Our forests.

      Harper has literally, and I mean literally, sold Canada to China.

    • Bc welders best in the world… It’s funny how yiu praise the best school in the world but you have no job Alberta is by far te hugest

    • in 2012, our dear Federal PC Governement was funding Welding Canadian Bureau for $3.3M for opening Welder Training Centre in Cebu, Phillipines, so they can train fillipinos to become welder Under Canadian standards. That way, Canadian can say goodbye to their welding career, be fired, and be replaced by super cheap fillipinos welders in Canada. Federal Governement should offer help for Canadians first, not fillipinos that will take over Canadian worker jobs.

    • Alberta is classed with the highest trained welders in the world according to CSA,ABSA and AWS
      But I agree they should have interviewed a Canadian and how many creative ways can the gov use to bring up the fact that they would rather use cheaper foreign workers than pay their own hard hard working more trained people.

  3. This is bull shit! TFW go home it is becoming the most hated program most hated government. Sending canadian money to Philippines to train them, canadian young out of work looking for a break. Short sited gready.

  4. Government fukin all the Canadians due to less pay workers fuk in that case why pick trades that won’t be good in 10 20 years yea jobs are good benefits blah blah bullshit

  5. Alberta is best by far , if bc welders are so good why are all of them unemployed . A welder b welder c welder lol the government sure knows how to make money off the trademans there and say there the best in the world lmao Alberta all the way well get it done

  6. Lets not argue about BC or Alberta that has the best welder, it is about having best canadian welder available, not hiring TFW trained in Cebu,Phillipines.. With that new Norther Pipeline, how many canadians welders will be hired ? The Fed Government has never said how many TFWs should be hired. I bet that the big companies will be hiring a lot of TFWs and nothing for Canadians.

  7. Every damn thing that is being deducted from your paycheck is also deducted from a TFW’s paycheck….anyway don’t talk too much…I’ve known many canadians certified with CWB…and trust me….they didn’y know how to weld with Flux Cored….so don’t talk too much about forign workers…I understand philipinos and indians are coming in a massive way…but You can’t talk about…germans…irishes…italians..russians or scottish…we european made up Canada!!!!remember it…

    • Any fucktard can be trained to pull a trigger and drag a puddle who brags about fcaw welding? Who brags about that shit? Can you use a hot glue gun? caulking? Then you can fcaw, second a cwb ticket does not make you a welder out west you actually have to go to school and know your shit. Apparently a wire trained monkey passes for a welder in Italy though

  8. How can they come to Alberta and weld with just a cwb ticket? It clearly states in the Alberta apprenticeship rules,that you must be a registered apprentice or jman red seal to weld in Alberta. Is their welding program equivalent to a red seal?

    • They get a years free pass and can challenge our red seal. If you are Canadian you have to attend school at least once before you can challenge. May as well hand them out with the lmo permits

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