Flint Energy attempts to hire 600 TFWs draw workers’ ire

News of Flint Energy trying to hire 600 temporary foreign workers while turning Canadians away is creating anger among Canadian workers.

Court records released last month show that the Calgary-based provider of construction services in the oil and gas industry now owned by the US corporation URS attempted to hire 601 TFWs involved in the trades with the help of recruitment company SK Personnel based in Edmonton, Alberta.

The court case started after Citizenship and Immigration Canada rejected the vast majority of work permit applications and SK Personnel, who also have an office in India, sued Flint Energy over a contract dispute.

Qualified Canadian workers accuse Flint Energy of laying them off and ignoring the resumes of Canadian candidates while trying to bring in TFWs.

Landon Harvey from Forestburg, Alberta is one such experienced journeyman electrician who has been applying for jobs with Flint Energy for years without even receiving a call back from the company.

“I feel that I have been passed over for posted jobs because I have an opinion, and can speak English well enough to tell it,” Harvey said. “Why hire a journeyman electrician that got his ticket in this country and spent the last 18 years busting my ass learning and perfecting the trade, when they can hire a TFW ?”

“I believe as an electrician we have rights and have to stick to a code of conduct,” he added. “We need to keep the work in Canada and done by Canadians.”
Journeyman pipefitter and CWB certified welder Jeff Freed from Saskatchewan accused Flint Energy of replacing him with TFWs.

“It makes me angry that we have Canadians out of work we can train because most TFWS have no knowledge and have to be trained,” Freed said. “And I sit at home broke while unskilled TFWs send billions of dollars back to their home countries.”

Freed had a message for Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney who is in charge of overseeing the TFW program.

“I am not even sure how the majority of TFWs get to Canada because once they get here we have to train them or most of time redo their work as it is not up to code.,” Freed said. “Let’s train Canadians, teach youth trade skills instead of building training centres in the Philippines.”

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  1. lester macaulay  |  

    Freed is 100℅ rite TFW are poor trade people and it’s a matter of time that somebody is going to get serious hurt or killed by there unsafe .just get it done attude

    • It’s already happened. They killed a few TFW’s when CNRL was being built north of Ft. McMurray. They simply didn’t know what they were doing and got themselves killed.

      • I’ve always said that the tank that collapsed was from a TFW “hurry up and nevermind doing it safely” attitude. These particular workers happened to be from China…..Think they were trained with safety in mind,fron China?

        • deyterk erjerbs  |  

          It’s true, I’m sick of all of these TFW’s coming over, building shitty construction jobs all half assed and then sending all their cash back home to Newfoundland…

          • albertalazyass  |  

            That’s because you lazy albertans can’t finish what you start. Hard working well trained newfies will show you how to git er done!

          • Shanne Mac Donald  |  

            Your an ass deyterk and not much of a man neither, not even enough balls to show your real name..

          • Mark MT  |  

            Is it me or did this person just use the term TFW and Newfoundland in the same sentence? Wow…

          • What a stupid little goof. All these workers from nfld and n,s n,b all are canadains u dumb dickhead. They come to live and work their asses off nothing is giving to these hard working guys and gals. They work hard and play hard. Money stays in canada. If you only knew how lucky you have had it you would shut your mouth. But let me guess our the one thats all for himself living off of what is called old money. Yet you stand behind temp workers from where ever and whatever. You need to learn somethings about canada.its not all like alberta boy. Be thankful for what you have

          • that guy who can laugh at a jok .  |  

            Hah good one. Lol. Why can’t you get a good BJ back east? Cause all the [email protected]$k sucks came west. Lol. Some people don’t know how to take a joke.

    • SK personnel was charging each TFW $10,000 to bring them into Canada. People who can pay SK Personnel fees can get in Canada not the qualified Candidates.

      There was case against SK personnel for charging $$ for job in Canada. but, SK personnel won on technical ground. Candidate was sent back to India so he could not testify against SK personnel.

      SK personnel and employers in Alberta were abusing the TFW program.

    • I totally agree, these fucktards buy there tickets so they never got for proper training. and then join the union. Ibew424 is the worst for allowing these rejects on job sites and into the hall. They are useless and unsafe. You never see these idiots doing residential.

  2. No wonder why people die on the job site. Like i want someone who cant speak a word of english or even spell it to work with or on the same job site. There is more than enough people in Canada that could use those jobs. Young people that should be in those positions. Not tfw Go Home ! We Dont Want You Here. Your not welcome here by taking jobs from us. Flint Energy you are cheap Scabs.

    • I agree that the TFWs shouldn’t be here (except in very rare cases like maybe brain surgeons or something), but I don’t blame the TFWs for taking the jobs. They see an opportunity to improve their life and the lives of their family member, so they take it. I blame the businesses and politicians (Jason Kenny needs to pay at the ballot box) for working together to flood Canada with cheap labour. Our business and political elite is to blame, not the poor people who are desperate enough to leave everything they know to take on a job where they are little more than endentured servants.

  3. I have been applying to flint for years… I am an experienced heavy equipment operator from Canada. … and I find this out???? This is bs. .. so many qualified Canadians to do the jobs and who are applying for these positions and they are pulling this crap… I think this whole tfw program outta be scrapped period… start hiring Canadians!

    • get rid of Harper & his gang: so you know who to vote for next time around….all, I mean all, young people have got to get political & vote for what is best for Canada….or else get used to low low wages & no benefits or future opportunities…..for there is more cheap cheap unskilled in this world for Big Corporations to choose from.

      • Yes get rid of Harper and friends.With him, we are becoming “americans”. Unfortunately, there is not much on the other side. Trudeau!!?? BS!! But we need to stop the TFWs from taking our jobs.

    • You guys have to unite and do a huge demonstration, its the only way. I am not a skilled tradesperson, I am a woman experiencing the same problem in Ottawa. I cannot find work here because its either a TFW or an immigrant under some government program getting hired over me. Then I am discrminated against again because they tell me I must speak and write in French, but immigrants only have to know about 5 words and they call them bilingual and they are hired. So I am under tyranny of the minority in my own country.

  4. I work for URS and this is true, we have almost 900 workers on site and at least half of them are TFWs, I have friends who desperately need work and Canadian work is being outsourced to other countries because they can hire all these people on, in one big pull, and who is going to stop them? Jason Kenney cut the TFW program for the food sector (where most hard working TFWs get permanent residence), when the oil and gas sector is where it gets abused the most, and no one seems to care.

    • My concern here is that you have no idea and completely blow the number of TFW workers out of the water. What you are doing is essentially providing false information about private company dealings that you have NO idea about. How about you stop listening to second hand gossip on a site from people who have heard it 500th hand, where TFW’s maybe make up for about 3-5% of the total employee base, the majority of colored people on the site are actually citizens….just because I am a flip doesn’t mean I am a TFW!!!!!! From what I see in the lunchroom, isn’t your bf a TFW or former TFW? Aren’t most of your friends TFW’s? Here is the thing… can your friends pass a drug and alcohol test? Have they stayed on a job for longer than a month? Have they made any effort to go out and actually get the education that is typically required? OH right I guess because they are Albertans they are entitled and a trade that takes many years to learn can be just awarded to any individual and they will cry foul because their experience working in a MacDonald’s really applies to what a pipefitter does. Can they prove that they will actually dedicate themselves? Or is it reflective of an individual who has moved from one department to another, given the opportunity to try out other roles and opportunities and failed because he lacks the basic ability to actually apply himself because he feels everything should be handed to him?

      • Scary. I worked in a management position for Flint several years ago. At that time they were importing TFW’s from England. I made a point at the time to check online ads and at EI to see if there was in fact any attempt to hire Canadians. Not once did I find an ad in any paper or on the EI employment boards….anywhere. And I looked in every major paper coast to coast. NO SEARCH FOR CANADIANS WAS MADE.

        • CW, I have found many, many a Flint ad and have responded to dozens over the past several years. Although the resumes of those I have sent for are impressive and experienced, not once have any of them been responded to. The only people I have known to be hired by Flint are those with a ‘buddy’ on the inside. Legally, they have to place the ad but they clearly dispose of the resumes once they receive them.

      • You don’t think so eh? I get on a plane with 100 new hires and they are all TFWs, companies like Flint take advantage of the program, same thing with ChemCo, they would lay off 20-50 guys every few months and bring in more TFWs, its a shame that its not being regulated like the fast food industry (which doesn’t need it in my opinion). When it comes to Canadians Filipino or not, most are very uniformed and forced through pointless college, like myself, never got a job because the recession destroyed student jobs, when jobs like these are readily available but extremely hard to get into, even an apprenticeship to learn is extremely difficult, it would be easier for me to be a doctor than a welder. You can’t even pre-train for trades without having an employer sponsoring you to go to school, unlike medical/technical school where you can walk right in, I could go into Engineering right now, which is much more complex than pipefitting, these jobs are many, and so few Canadians know of these jobs because they aren’t as available as you’d think when a company like Flint only has to pay half of their annual salary, get twice as much workers for the same price, and thd Government of Canada pays the rest.

      • We’ll know that the government has made TFW’s Canadians………this is why the work force is full of flips, Muslims, Africans etc. as well in an authoritative position immigrants only hire their own…we drink we smoke weed, but this is our life here in Canada….you have no right to judge our people and our cultures..unless of course you would like us to judge yours?? But of course, we being white are expected to have never ending patience and understanding of all kinds of weird cultures, beliefs and languages ….it’s no wonder we are on drugs..immigrants are modern day slaves……and when you become a boomer and your useless to the economy good luck with your health and living off about 1000.00 a month from CPP….if your lucky….we are actually happy with our clean water and fresh air and lack of industry …it’s not as tho Canadian people want any of you to come here and turn our country into as big of a mess as yours is…You come from a country were children can buy smokes?? In the west…if you did not know this….it’s cowboys and Indians and we are still at war,…just because the Canadian government wants to be rich off of oil, does not reflect the actual Canadian people….I live in oil rich Alberta and can not find a job at mc Donald’s because I am not a flip, (slave). This is our land we have looked after it and fought for it, for hundreds of years. Who are you to come here and take advantage of our tax payers money, in order to educate yourselves to take over our jobs….and why do you think you have an opinion on how our country runs when yours is run so badly that’s it’s clearly impossible for you to make a living in your own??? Gratitude would have been an acceptable reaction, criticism isn’t .

        • been white does not make you any better Canadian or better worker than any other Canadians from other races, if drugs and alcohols is your life (not all Canadians life) because i know a lot of people who drink reasonably, you just have to pass drug and alcohol test if you get a job, make sure you show on time and be reliable(most hard drinkers dont) no one is gonna take your job. we all pay taxes and we all work hard, btw working hard and been honest is not slave. modern slavery is when you are full of debt because you keep buying toys that you don’t even afford or need, and you are here and born here because you grandfather or your father or i don’t know who came here first, was immigrant, and he did so for the same reasons as those immigrants you are talking about. Too bad we have to deal once in a whiiiiiile with racists like you because Canadians are way better that that.

      • All ftw’s should not be allowed to work till all Canadian’s are working the let the ftw’s fill whats left not the other way around

  5. Maybee “Landon” should go talk to the Edmonton based IBEW Local 424 and sign up. With plenty of work on the job line it seems silly anyone would apply to work for a CLAC company as the wages and benefits are not even comparable!

    • Landon – call the Edmonton IBEW Local 424 office at 780-462-5076. Ask to speak with an organizer, let them know what has been going on at your jobsite. Ask them for a membership application to 424, we can put you to work out on some of our open calls right away. We are screaming for manpower up to Kearl Lake, and Conoco Phillips jobsites, both near Fort McMurray; among other locations.

    • What makes you think the wages aren’t comparable? I work for a CLAC company building scaffold for union electricians, and our wages are a little higher than the union. Just stating facts. I have friends working with the union and I compared my cheque with theirs.

      • Union electricians should refuse to work from non union built scaffolds. I work for local 2103 scaffolding and I’ve seen my fair share of non union scaffolds that needed to be dismantled by union scaffolders and I tell you how they didn’t collapse is a miracle . “ONE UNION”

        • I have friends that are first year scaffolders in the union that have left to work with clac at 3rd year rate and believe me they can’t build scaffold at all so what does that tell you

      • 46.80$ +10% vac pay an hr wage, 6.14$ hr penion, full employer paid benifits 1.92$ hr, employer paid education trust find 0.40$hr. Double time weekends, overtime fridays. 1$ hr rrsp on top of the 6.14 for pension+ increased rssp on overtime to 2.11, and then 4.65$hr on double time. Pension scales to 7.95$hr on overtime and 9.65$hr on doubletime.
        How much do you get doing clac scaffold?

      • Really? What’s your total package? Benifits? Pension? Training? Oh and double time? Its scab companies and CLAC that are going to drive wages down. I’m a Union Scaffolder and am damn proud of it.

      • So CLAC doesn’t pay Double Time and you are telling us you Gross more than a Union Tradesman ?? Do you realize it’s a Sin to Lie according to your Collective Agreement “The Bible “

        • In CLAC we got 6.5R/3.5OT everyday, 6% for RRSP, only 2% pension (if you match 2%), Journeymen were getting $40/h plus full benefits. Its not horrible, but the unions are WAY better, like $7/h into the pension is worth way more than its weight in gold. From 1 year at $3/h in my RRSPs, I saved $7,000, so you’d have a company putting away $15,000/year away for you on top of your salary.

  6. dennis ermantrout  |  

    Most of them aren’t tradespeople. They get stolen journeyman tickets ir fake degrees from their country and then our government will let them write the instrumentation or electrical journeyman test as don’t recognize their so called engineering degree. Then the government gives them the answers study for couple days and voila instant journeyman. That is why they only good for fort mac and construction sites just give them one job to do and keep them doing it til can train them. Learnt this right from guy from Kuwait who told me how he became a journeyman. Pretty sweet deal. The companies thems lives abuse the program by offering compressed work weeks nd such so no Canadians apply then after certain amount of time can apply for tfw’s then when have enough guys will crank wages up get few skilled guys and boom u a foreman babysitting 6 to 8 of these guys.
    It same as what oil companies didvoverseas but instead of sending skilled Canadians to teach locals overseas they are now bringing the them here and we teach them so they can take our jobs. Sp after their job they hired for is done they will go to another construction site and company will start the process again but need hire less and less skilled people everyone. It’s a vicious cycle that will play havoc with our wages, jobs, and unemployment rates one the construction boom cools down.

  7. I’ve applied for Material Management and Coordinator positions constantly with URS/Flint and have never received a phone call, email or reply of any sort from them. My qualifications and experience meet or exceed the posting qualifications and I thought it was just URS/Flint hiring Canadian qualified “name hires”, not TFW…. I have over 25 years in construction and have spent the last 7 working for a major oil and gas company in Fort McMurray as Materials Management and not even a sniff of a call back…… This is disgusting…..

  8. i have been applying to flint and a ton of other companys for awhile and none i havent got a call back or anything i have a job now but it’s as a foreman watching over a bunch of tfw’s who don’t know what the hell they are doing and only one of them can speak a little bit of english.

  9. They treat their employee like s***! One of the reasons they want TFW is so they can neglect the safety aspect of work. TFW won’t question the work orders from supervisors.

  10. If an american corporation buys out a canadian company, how can they attempt to hire TFW’S, these american corporations are just that ‘American’

  11. Hate the game, not the players. They are like you who wants to have a decent life. You are just lucky to have an immigrant /TFW ancestor.

    • proud canadian  |  

      Then maybe they should do what our ancestors did and fight and die to make their own country a better place to live instead of piggy backing on the hard work of those who did.

    • Agreed Tony. The government and big business are further making a mockery of us all by creating racist sentiment. proud canadian…you have nothing to be proud of with that point of view!! OUR ancestors, in your opinion, should have stayed Europe or one of dozens of other places making a better world…do you have your plane ticket?

  12. Coincidentally I just was reading a job posting (just posted today June 12) from URS for a “temporary foreign worker advisor” http://jobs.ursflint.com/ca/canada/recruitment/jobid5541675-tfw-advisor-%28temporary-foreign-worker%29-jobs I mean how obvious are they that they are actually hiring a full time employee whose only job is to recruit TFW. I didn’t realise this was the parent company of Flint energy but knowing this now it all makes sense what is going on.

  13. 46.80$ an hr wage, 6.14$ hr penion, full employer paid benifits 1.92$ hr, employer paid education trust find 0.40$hr. Double time weekends, overtime fridays. 1$ hr rrsp on top of the 6.14 for pension+ increased rssp on overtime to 2.11, and then 4.65$hr on double time. Pension scales to 7.95$hr on overtime and 9.65$hr on doubletime.
    How much do you get doing clac scaffold?

  14. It’s just wrong, I had no idea how far reaching this is in the electrical trades. I have been employed as a lowly electrical control panel assembler and wire-person for the past 6 years. No college, therefore, all that I learned was on the job. I have 6 years of practical experience with a deep respect for safety in the workplace and a sincere dedication to the quality of what I built for safety in the field. It seems that those qualities are not suitable for today’s workplace. Employers want silent drones. Lost my job twice in the past 6 years after training foreign workers and was replaced at another employer, this time because I am female and Canadian. What do we do to correct this and get our jobs and country back? So many people in the comments here write of similar experiences to mine, I have to ask, how do we stop this?

    • My life changed for the better when I and my kids join the Carpenter’s Union. I know they are always trying to get more women involved. Check out the trade union of your choice.

  15. Im a pipefitter with lots of experience, l’ve been applying for jobs with flint for the past couple of months. And i havent gotton so much as a call. There is definitely lots of Canadians applying for these positions and the recruiters at flint aren’t calling us because top managment would rather hire tfw because they don’t have to pay them as much as they pay us Canadians. And at the end of the day it all about the money.

  16. Cameron Stevens  |  

    I think this puts a particular practice into the spotlight that would make it very difficult for a company to ignore résumés at all. While the last thing we need is more government, there needs to be a return to the courtesy of a response to every application. Any applicant should have a right to a response when being rejected, including the reason for the rejection. Too often someone in the chain of people handling an inbound application are rejected without cause or response leaving the applicant’s hanging. I believe that a law that requires a response to every application stating the reason for rejection, and that the position has been filled or eliminated, must be sent citing the applicant’s dated application letter. As well, when it comes to the TFWP, if the position was filled with a TFW, this must be stated. The employer must be accountable and own their choices. Be responsible for their choices.

    • Well stated! My parents of the boomer generation have even began to lose confidence in themselves because they apply for jobs without ever hearing from a company. I try to explain to them this is common practice in today’s world, but it upsets me to see them questioning their own experience and skills. My spouse was recently informed very candidly by a scaffold recruiter that despite all the job postings on their website, the reason applicants won’t hear back is because these ads are posted on an on-going basis so that when the time comes the company has a healthy number of resumes to slept from. This tactic which lacks the human componet, in addition to the cattle gates used to herd workers in and out of job sites, I get the impression we are seen merely as cattle.

  17. Cameron Stevens  |  

    This needs to stop. Actions like this are not good business, they are treasonous. Plain and simple they are betraying Canadians.

  18. Interesting that everyone seems to be worried about people coming from Asia and the Far East, look no further than the border with the USA, URS are an American construction company, they bought out Flint to provide employment for there own who are struggling in the US, Canadians will be pushed out by Americans in the next few years, you heard it here first.

  19. Anyone who has applied with Flint and hasn’t heard from them should call the temporary foreign worker hotline and report them 1-866-602-9448
    Flint is not the only company doing this, they do it because they are paying less than half the wages to tfw’s

  20. Who cares what union you belong to they both have their pros & cons. neither one of them will back you up when it comes right down to it. No walk out or strike clause , ya there’s some bargaining power for ya. As for working for flint(fucking losers in new trucks) your not missing much, make sure you get everything in writing. I bet you in these other countries they probably promote working in Canada more then we do. We should have a recruiting program set up to target our youth and our First Nations im not sure what parents and teachers are telling our kids these days but i dont think they’re telling them to become an Ironworker or one of those soft trades. lol.

  21. These company’s should be fined huge amounts and that money could be put towards are apprenticeship programs for are Canadian trades people

  22. I totally agree! I worked as an electrical foreman in Ft Mac when Kentz Callisto (that name will bring up red flags, no doubt) brought in 8 tfw. I learned that when they write our government’s tests to work here that they can bring a ‘translator’ in with them to do so. For $300, this ‘translator’ ensures that they pass the test. When they got to the worksite, most could not speak English at all, a few had passable language skills, and one could speak quite well. Even though they were ‘qualified electricians’, they all functioned at second year apprentice level, not even knowing what some of the tools were used for. Of course when I took my concerns to management, guess who got the boot? the Canadian. There is far too much of this type of bullshit happening in the oil patch, and it’s time we as Canadians who spent our lives building this country up, get a fair share of the work and dollars that come from our resources!

  23. The first place we need to start is working toward getting rid of the. Conservatives both federally and provincially. They only care about the Bosses. That’s not good for workers and their families. Think about it.

  24. If any company in Canada wants to hire people in the trades ,why doesn’t the government take the money they are spending on the TFW’s and set up a task force that takes resumes and applications sent to them and taskforce and force Canadian company’s to hire from the pool of resumes they collect the when all is said and done allow the company’s then to bring English speeding TFW’s.

  25. Tfw ‘s are useless borderline [OFFENSIVE] they don’t know anything about working here no skills no experience can’t speak English an just plane screw stuff up the only reason there here is cause they work for Penny’s a day will [OFFENSIVE] an won’t bitch bout safer conditions if they die on site company’s don’t care cause they got thousands of others waiting to take his spot an no one will even notice a TFW death cause no one gives a crap there cheap an expendable

  26. Unbelievable! Since March I have called URS Flint recruiting 3x about jobs they have posted, that I qualified for and have done for them before they got bought out and havent even got the courtesy of a reply!
    The TFW program is a joke…as long as we have any sort of unemployment, it should not be allowed! Hire Canadians first!

  27. Flint is doing the same thing that Whitemud Erectors is doing in Edmonton. They got the contract to build the new arena, and subbed it out to a US company. That company will be hiring TFWs as Ironworkers. They approached NAIT to see if it would be willing to set up courses to train said TFWs, and provide them with a Red Seal Certificate to satisfy Alberta law. I sure hope all of you folks commenting here will write your Mpp, and MP, with a CC to Jason Kenney, the Minister of Labour.

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  29. It makes sense to me now I was applying to Flint and getting no response even though I had all my tickets for safety I was wondering and now I know the truth of the situation Flint are cheap it disgusts me to think they don’t hire Canadians rather than TWF’S this is BS I would like to see the TWF program disappear GONE

  30. I applied many years ago as an apprentice. I sent 5 resumes I got 5 calls! Not from flint tho, ledcor gave out my resume to a sister company. Trades are skilled BUT twf’s from my experience ARE NOT! Let’s have incentives for people in canada to mobilize across this country with tax incentives.

    When I see ads posted oine or in the paper I notice these companies do not put their name behind their ads. As a worker I want to know who I would be applying to!

  31. We are one of the best counties in the world, I can’t blame people for wanting to live and work here, we are Awesome, we and our family’s before us have worked very hard to become a great country, each province from coast to coast have had to fight for what we have, It is not a right for a person from any country to come here and it be given……..or take jobs from Canadians especially under false documentation for their trades, they should all start as 1st years and work their way up, (earn & learn) I’m sure that the CEO and other investers of Flint would not have a doctor operate on them, just because they said they got their papers and have been doing it for years in their country.

  32. Keep this issue alive and don’t let it get forgotten come the next election. Participate in the process. It may be flawed but it is what we have to work with. Don’t spend your anger over this issue online at sites like this. Keep it alive on Facebook, twitter etc. Help get someone elected that feels as you do. We all know that Harper is just another in a long line of Conservatives that have been selling out our country. Mulroney was a traitor to Canada when he signed NAFTA. Things have been going down the toilet ever since. Don’t just bitch about it….participate…make a change…Stop the Conservative sell off of Canada. Contribute…VOTE.

    • yes, I agree the crowd was really good for the 2nd night! Mark Bowen was a huuuge hightlight…my only cosnnaipt/dismapoiltent is that Be Agressive and As the worm turns wasnt played last night…BUT was one of the best gigs Ive ever seen….

    • re: what happens when a solid, unreachable majority is so different culturally that they think of the rest of us as the Liberal enemy, satan's spawn that can not under any circumstances be seen as part of the nation and therefore partners in government?War. Usually after vigorous persecution, escalates to pogroms & worse. Unless there is somewhere to immigrate so the sane can escape the psychotics & self-destructives.

  33. Join us on Facebook at
    “Labour Day March for Worker Solidarity”

    We are planning a protest march September 1, 2014 starting at noon from Churchill Square in Edmonton and ending at the Alberta Legislature Grounds.
    Canadian jobs for Canadians first.
    It’s not about union or non-union, it’s about Canadian jobs.
    A family-friendly march for our future, our children’s future and their children’s future.
    Organize a march in your city or join us in Edmonton.

  34. Bob the builder  |  

    Learn the facts, canada has a shortage of skilled guys, most canadians cant pass a drug test or dont want to go to school, the attitude is give me a job im canadian and i want rock star wages but i have no training

    • You guys have to unite and do a huge demonstration, its the only way. I am not a skilled tradesperson, I am a woman experiencing the same problem in Ottawa. I cannot find work here because its either a TFW or an immigrant under some government program getting hired over me. Then I am discrminated against again because they tell me I must speak and write in French, but immigrants only have to know about 5 words and they call them bilingual and they are hired. So I am under tyranny of the minority in my own country

  35. bob the builder you are right on. for most anyway. defiantly an ” I deserve it, I want it now and I should be able to be rich by 30″ attitude going on.

  36. What should be done is the government should make it so the companies have to pay tfw’s more then they do canadians to make it a deterrent not a investment!

  37. It is all over , I blame all the Canadian workers that work for CLAC ,Lecdcor Flint etc , If nobody went and worked for them rat bags when the boom started and organized instead we wouldn’t have this problem , once they started manning big jobs and completing them and workin this time and a half OT and all the rest of their lesser benefits.
    Big oil noticed and now there are all these PLA agreements for the union side and we are making less now to because of it , Now the TWF thing is in play , when will it stop now ??? It WON’T it is over . Big oil got us now . Inflation is going up and we are making less every year cause all the fools went to work for CLAC Ledcor ,Flint ,etccc to do the same job for less money then the organized plant up the road ( Why I will never understand ever) .

    It is so watered down now there is no coming back . We lost our togetherness to fight anything now . I’m union and I have a hard time finding a job paying double time anymore , Why pay us DT when we can get Flint guys in to do it for time and a half , we loose again real smart guys big oil wins again and again .
    Big oil will stop at nothing , corporate greed will and it is lowering our quality of life as we speak , with lower wadges and less opportunities for work as all the posts above state , so it IS !!!!!!!!!!! really happening , Thank no one but yourselves for not organising when you had the chance .

    If big oil can get away with this in a boom like this when the workers (SHOULD) have the upper hand , can’t even imagaine what is gona happen when it slows down

  38. I have been trying to get work for a month now and cannot believe I haven’t even had a reply from URS!
    unbelievable !
    I am a Canadian Citizen with over 20 yrs as an Ironworker (red seal)
    almost a perfect safety record….

  39. I’ve worked for flint, they don’t like someone who is outspoken. My foreman (tfw “Dhooma”) and I disputed over his know nothing first three months in industrial sucking dick to get to a do nothing role, his poor attitude to the crew, told the general about how he literally can’t organize a cable pull and that his methods are putting lives in danger, and within two days I got a lay off over “shortage of work”. They don’t like English speaking Canadians because we stand up for what we know is right. All the tfws cowar and hide and just keep their heads down. Communications a gigantic issue, the tfw program needs to be greatly amended to those who speak fluent English and pass a skill related performance test upon arriving in the country. Our industrial sector is taking a giant crap, our youth are going to university getting degrees then work at mcdonalds because our teachers have preached university is the only way to make good money. Get them back to the trades!! I’m making 185k a year, I’m a skilled electrician with no university degrees, wake up our youth to this and let’s get rid of the tfw program and allow our own economy to flourish with money made here spent here

  40. I find it very strange that all of a sudden now people are starting to see this, realistically only after it was blown up in Ottawa. This is why unions were created in the first place, better working conditions and to get rid of child labour and and to protect workers. This is what happens when people become greedy and allow these scab companies to grow. I have been a union electrician for most of my career, and I have seen it absolutely fall apart. I seen our own business agents allow these unqualified workers into our ranks as well. The greed people have when things are going good allows this too happen, go with who’s gonna pay the most money, when it’s busy, and nobody notices what the big rat companies are doing, things slow down, and boom all of a sudden it’s too late. For those of you who have been around for a while, you will remember that the building trades marched on the provincial building in fort Mac, back when things were busy. We knew then and we tried to educate people that this was going to happen, but the fact there was so much work clouded everyone’s minds. It was so clouded, that even our own unions allowed it to happen. The only way to make this stop, is to organize the unorganized. Once you can take back control, you can make it stop. The government is not going to bite the hand that feeds, so it is up to the people to rise up and make this go away. Talk to the old boys who came here from other countries many years ago, they are more upset than us who were born and raised here, the problem is, is that they see the new generation as greedy and they are starting to give up. Those guys came here legally, and were tradesmen when they came, and had to start over, what we are getting now is people who haven’t a clue. I have no issue with moving to this country, or wanting a better life, just do it the right way. If we as the people don’t take control of this, we run the risk of our sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers and sisters not coming home at the end of the day. People need to stand together and take back this country we call home

  41. You know and I know the only way to Fix this is end it. Big companies have all the power and the government just gives them more. Time for a labor friendly government. And a middle class.

  42. Key Kronebusch  |  

    Grow a back bone and join a hall… Not CLAC. CLAC, Flint, Ledcor, and companies Worley Parsons are ruining this nation. Don’t you people understands what it means to have all of us trades people standing together? If everyone is non union, youre all just pondscum slurping up your paychecks in the dark. STAND TOGETHER, BAND TOGETHER, AND TAKE OUR INDUSTRY BACK.. WAKE THE FUCK UP

  43. There’s nothing more insulting to Canadians who finish High school and bust their butt in Trade school and being a Apprentice and watch the foreigners come here and take our jobs. And they absolutely have no training what so ever and can’t speak English. The solution would be walk off the job and don’t train the invaders and let them find out the hard way and Maybe Flint will get the hint.

  44. Hi Guys, I am a TFW. (from Scotland) Most of what I see here is correct. There are way too many “unskilled” TFW’S in Canada. I have had my fair share of working with them. However, having spoken to a lot of my co-worker Canadian friends, they don’t mean people like me because I’m from the UK, speak english, and I am highly skilled. To be honest, some of the comments are mostly from the uninformed, and I would like to say something to them.
    Canada needs TFW’S. However, Canada does not need unskilled TFW’S. They are flooding the workplace. In my experience, flips (as someone said) are the most unskilled of them all. But I must add, that Africans (not Indians) are in the main, a waste of space. It is too cold for them, they find excuses not to work, they are never out of the hoardings. the list goes on. I worked with a few of them who were apprentices, (African Canadians) who were only in it for the money. They had no intention of becoming journeymen. They learned nothing in my time with them and were proud of themselves. During their months fasting period, they sat in the hoardings saying they were too tired to work. Might I respectfully suggest that the system allows this to happen. Who determines if a potential Apprentice is suitably equipped (with engineering skills) to become an Apprentice in the first place? The answer is anybody with a white hat. As for the “foreigners” me included, although I sat my Red Seal exam in 2006, why don’t the authorities have exam papers in other languages? Foreigners may be able to communicate even with difficulty, but reading and writing it is another thing. Last but not least, if the unskilled foreigners were to be removed, there would be a skill shortage which Canada has to address by training the young people out there who have both the desire and ability to handle being a skilled tradesperson in the oil sands. There is a wonderful opportunity ahead for the right people. Amen

  45. Don’t ever work for Flint Energy. They do not stand behind their employees. Some of us reported a manager for harassment and we got fired. We were told we were the problem. How many times can a manager get reported before the company does something!! Crap place to work.

  46. why are we still hiring tfw’s when there’s no work ? I’m in Ft Mac right now and there’s cut backs and layoffs like crazy yet Albertans and Canadians are lookin for work ! I just don’t Fukin get it

  47. I would like to see all the TWF works go home. I need job now and getting laid off sucks and you know they are still at work. I don’t think flint is the only company that is hiring TWF works I have applied at Atco for 2 years and heard nothing who are they hiring. Not anyone from Alberta and I am sick of hearing us lazy Alberta’s you don’t like it here maybe you should go home. I love or province

  48. Hey all, just read, mostly agree. I attended SAIT in 2013, at age 45, took pipe tech course, passed with 4.0 GPA my 1st & 2nd year TQ exams were 83 & 82%. 1st year math final was 100%. Think I could get apprenticed? Not on your life. Got a facility labourer job, at $22, good start, but a good portion of my classmates and a few coworkers were constantly drunk or stoned. I was previously a Fed Park employee and Local PSAC president and my union hung me out to dry after 14 years. After school, I contacted the 496 UA in Calgary to join and they could have cared less. There’s a pile of bitching here, and organising is possibly the solution, but if there’s no union support, what’s the point? I need to get apprenticed first to validate the first two years of my training, and I see TFW’s everywhere, but some of the Jmen here should take this to heart: if you can, hire a Canadian apprentice, or at least get someone’s paperwork started. It goes a long way to starting support for your own complaints. I’m all for orgaising, but who’s paying rent? I’ll work both sides, but Unions shouldn’t be so closed to new people, and they should support their Jmen to apprentice. I also think that both union and non-union should unite on this TFW issue. Like the Scottish Jman said, it’s not about where you’re from, it’s language and skills, and somebody else said there has to be pressure from all sides on politicians. As a Fed worker, BOTH the Cons and Libs screwed Canadians. To any union reps/members here, where’s the contact info? To organise, somebody has to start it, and that’s your job. Write your local bureau-crap now that AB and Canada has a new gov’t. I’m going to. Union or non-union, we gotta unite. Just $.02

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