Kenney’s Online TFW Fraud Reporting Tool Fails with 404 Error

Update: ESDC seems to have fixed the error after one of our readers posted a link to this story to Minister Kenney’s Facebook page.

The online tool to report Temporary Foreign Worker Program fraud set up by Minister Jason Kenney’s department fails with a page not found error, users accessing the website found.

Anyone clicking the Start Online Processing Now button from Step 3 tab from tool’s front page is greeted with a 404 – File or directory not found error.

“Why am I not surprised to receive a ‘file or directory not found’ message?” Teri Ballegeer of Nanaimo, BC, who encountered the error while trying to use the tool, asked. “Our government has abandoned us and this just seems like further representation of their absolute lack of concern for the Canadians they are supposed to represent. We are more and more unheard on a daily basis.”

Last week Minister Kenney and Citizenship Minister Chris Alexander introduced a series of measures aimed at overhauling the TFWP after it emerged that employers were using the program to replace Canadians with temporary foreign workers, while treating the migrant workers in a “slave-like” manner.

Online Fraud Reporting Tool - Service Canada - Mozilla Firefox_001

404 - File or directory not found. - Mozilla Firefox_002

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