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  1. As expected, kijijikenney will announce the reforms on the Friday before the summer break and then run away to hope it dies down over the summer. Do you think about 3 p.m.? Funny but he is my MP and the TFW has been enough to ensure that quite a few people in this riding will not vote for him again. I expect this Friday tactic will be enough for him to lose the seat completely. Maybe we should start bringing TFW’s in to be politicians for a tenth of the pay and no benefits or pensions? LOL, I like that idea – start at the top!

  2. There has not been a single inspection done of a workplace that employs temporary foreign workers — even though the Conservative government promised to do so last year when it overhauled the controversial program for the first time.
    Now, with further reforms set to be announced early Friday afternoon, questions are being raised about why Ottawa has been so slow to act on a major part of changes announced last December.

  3. I know where my son-in -law works, there are very few Canadian workers, as they try to hire them but they quit, its a job that involves picking mushrooms and you are paid by how many you pick.The company brings in workers from other countries..

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