TFW Entries Outpace Job Growth In Canada

The number of temporary foreign workers allowed into Canada last year was more than the number of new jobs created during that year, latest figures released by the Canada government reveals.

221,273 TFWs were allowed into Canada in 2013, Minister Jason Alexander’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada reported while a mere 99,000 jobs were added to the Canadian economy in the same period, according to Statistic Canada. 1  2  This traces jobs from Dec. 2012 to Dec. 2013.

83,740 of the TFWs were approved on the basis of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), while the remaining 137,533 came under the LMIA-exempt International Mobility Program (IMP).  1

Out of the 221,273 TFWs who entered Canada, at least 147,083 entered under categories with prearranged job offers, some potentially replacing Canadian employees, while Canadian job seekers had to compete with 74,190 open work permit holders in a job market where there are seven unemployed Canadians for every job vacancy.

“This goes to the heart of the foreign worker import scheme – no matter what title they give it this week and next – in that it was designed from the get go with corporate interests only in mind,” NTFW.CA advisor and Journeyman electrician Michael Thomas said. “We need to be designing immigration programs that solve problems and fill holes in our local development, not letting business design a slave system that forces Canadians to compete directly with the third world for local jobs.”

“Why has this not toppled the government yet?” he asked. “Past regimes have fallen for much, much less. First there was outsourcing, now we fight ‘in’sourcing.”

These findings come as an embarrassment to Minister Alexander and Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who announced a raft of measures to overhaul the much criticized temporary foreign worker program including splitting the program reporting into LMIA-controlled and LMIA-exempt categories.

The reforms themselves, however, come under heavy criticism for making it easier for big businesses to recruit TFWs instead of Canadians for higher skilled jobs while doing nothing to wean employers away from hiring foreign workers in the the low skilled service sector.

“This ‘shell game’ of TFW to IMP insults Canadians who have a sense of fairness and justice. Moving numbers around like lines on a budget they want to hide, but these are people,” Thomas added. “The numbers indicate that the government is intentionally overwhelming the employment system, creating a shadow employment market that Canadians cannot access but still must compete against. The result will be lower wages,less worker protections, less jobs for Canadians, and less economic activity in Canada.”

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  1. How do we as Canadians stop this from happening? And what can I do as my part to change to support us in this struggle against our corrupt government

      • Vote wisely, yes…. but DO NOT WAIT FOR THE ELECTION. First past the post is flawed, the cons are confirmed election fraud abusers, and now the “fair elections act” rigs the game further …… we need to act now, we need to occupy MPs offices, get cameras in MPs faces, damand to know why our jobs are being sold out for $1000 a piece, our pension fund being siphoned, wages driven down, we need massive street actions …. combine this with the massive debt, the pipelines, the elimination of the clean water act ….. vote wisely, but that is the very least you can do.

  2. It’s not only the TFW program we need to worry about. The new immigration policies are going to target the few good paying sectors of our economy now.

    And I don’t know the name of the program but where my partner works they have laid off hundreds over the past year but have been hiring back foreign nationals from Ireland, Belgium, France and Holland for clerical jobs. When those laid off applied for any new opening they were never accepted; instead the position was filled by someone from Europe with a work visa. They won’t say how much they are making because of a non-disclosure agreement they had to sign!

    Oh Canada! What happened?

  3. As a journeyman steamfitter working in the oilsands of Alberta, I see more and more TFWs coming in to do jobs trained Canadians can do. Many of these are in supervisory positions while Canadians are doing the grunt work on the tools. Not saying all Canadians are qualified for supervisory, but those of us with experience in the field of supervision should be given priority preference before a TFW. Earlier in my career, a TFW had very little if any chance for supervisory. They were an extra pair of hands. Once all, and I do mean all, qualified Canadians were working and in these positions, then they may have been considered. Now it seems to me, we Canadians are a minority and at the bottom of the pecking order. If we as Canadians do not do something to stop the TFW influx, there will be no job market for our future generations and we will fall into third world status. It is difficult to say but our neighbours, the Americans are also TFW. We cannot even consider earning one cent there, yet they are here on our soil, earning our money, and taking it home to the U.S. coiffers. Most of the monies earned by TFW does not benefit Canada in any one way. They take it back to their own countries and live extremely well. Whether it be Phillipinos, Italians, Portugese, Polish or Americans, we have to stop this for the good of our own country. Thank you.

  4. This page has the smallest [grey] type ever. The number of characters in a line means blowing it up runs off page.??? Must be young with above average eyesight?

  5. There are forms of direct action that have nothing to do with creating a public spectacle, but that are very effective. Trust in the distribution of knowledge and keep distributing. You don’t have to be Canadian or even patriotic to see plainly what the Conservatives have done to the working class in Canada.

  6. This is complete and utter bullshit. CANADIANS FIRST……we as Canadian workers need to grow a set of balls like the Greeks and stand up against the crooks and criminals running our country and running these cheap assed companies. It is all about greed, nothing to do with a shortage of Canadians.

  7. I see a lot of anti-immigration comments posted here. If you aren’t happy with the current administration’s stance on immigration, write a letter to your Premier, MP, the Minister of CIC and the Prime Minister. Voice your opinion!

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