“Ya blew it Jim” - Boston Pizza facing boycott following TFW hiring spree

Angry Canadian workers are calling for a boycott of Boston Pizza after the company’s franchises were found trying recruit temporary foreign workers with the help of controversial TFW recruitment consultants Actyl Group despite the Government’s moratorium on TFW application approvals in the food services industry.


“I felt dismay,” Teri Ballegeer from Nanaimo, BC, who first alerted Canadians to the ads on Actyl group’s job page said. “It’s disheartening to see the concentrated efforts to bring TFWs into Canada by groups such as ACTYL and so little effort from our own government to put Canadians first.”

Canadians have started posting angry messages on Boston Pizza’s Facebook page expressing their outrage at the chain’s actions.


“Why are you advertising for TFW’s when there is a government ban on?” Darryl Rice from Calgary, Alberta asked. “I will not spend my money in your establishment! I have not seen any advertisements for Canadian employees!”

Some messages were directed at the company’s billionaire founder Jim Treliving.

“Another company to boycott due to the hiring of TFW’s,” Sue L’Archeveque wrote. “Ya blew it Jim.”

Boston Pizza defended the ads, stating that “While there is a current moratorium on hiring TFWs, our franchisees have to start advertising for these jobs now or they will be left without workers or the ability to serve their guests and the community once the temporary moratorium is lifted.”

Most of the undated Boston Pizza job ads appearing on Actyl Group’s site are for cooks and food services in Alberta.

Actyl Group, run by two Conservative Party politicians, has been mired in controversy involving in a number of McDonald’s TFW program abuse scandals in Alberta.

In one case, foreign workers from Belize at a McDonald’s in Edmonton accused Actyl treating workers as “slaves” and alleged that the McDonald’s recruiter illegally charged them fees, forced them to rent a room at an exorbitant rate in a building owned by a McDonald’s, and denied them promised overtime.

“At Actyl Group, we are always completely honest and transparent with all of the workers we recruit,” the group’s president Dr. Linda West, president of Actyl Group, said in a statement denying the allegations. “This includes keeping these workers informed of certain visa and other fees they may need to pay to government agencies.”

Dr. West has unsuccessfully contested both as a Conservative Party of Canada candidate in the federal elections and a Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba candidate in the provincial elections.

Actyl’s co-founder Adrian Schulz also unsuccessfully ran as a Progressive Conservative candidate at the 2009 Manitoba by-election.

“I’ve been in an abusive relationship in the past and experience the same feelings of powerlessness at the hands of our government,” Ballegeer said. “We’re made to feel that our present situation is our fault, that we get what we ‘deserve’.”

“George Orwell is amongst my favorite authors and the quote that comes to mind is ‘some pigs are more equal’,” she added. “I am afraid for what my children and grandchildren might be facing in the future.”

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  1. Please to not refer to Linda West as doctor,
    Her PHD is from a non accredited University. It is a disservice to all those who have worked hard to receive a PHD.

    From Wikipedia
    She also holds a Ph.D. from Washington International University, an institution that is licensed but not accredited by any educational oversight body in Canada or the United States of America.

    • It’s only a conflict of interest if it conflicts with the interests of big business. I don’t see that happening here.

  2. I was wondering who the people of Actyl group were and the benefits they gained from the Slave Trade and their connection with Conservatives and Kenny’s Dept. So I put this together real quick. Does anyone know how many slaves they have shipped to Canada and the money made from indenturing them to their new owners.

    Adrian Schulz – Managing Director, the founder of the Actyl Group, a workforce recruiting firm in Canada. Puts himself in second spot as Managing Director of the firm. Stays in the shadows. Ran for the Conservatives in 2007 and lost.

    Linda West President(Shes a winner) – Linda West is a Canadian administrator, activist and politician. She is perhaps best known as an advocate for increased private health provision within Canada’s public health system. She has been a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada and the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba.She also holds a Ph.D. from Washington International University, an institution that is not accredited by any educational oversight body in Canada or the United States of America. West’s Ph.D. credentials became a source of controversy during the 2006 federal election. She argued in 2008 that Canada needs overseas recruitment to counter a domestic labour shortage( While we were going into a recession)She believes that the Canada Health Act should be re-examined, and more private medicine introduced into the public system. West first ran for public office in the 2003 provincial election, as a candidate of the Progressive Conservative Party and lost.West returned to writing opinion pieces on Canada’s health-care system after the election. She reiterated her support for (publicly funded – taxpayer) private clinics. West was a supporter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada at the federal level, and supported its merger with the more right-wing Canadian Alliance to create the Conservative Party of Canada in 2003. She ran for the new party in the 2006 federal election and lost, and finished second against New Democratic Party incumbent Bill Blaikie in Elmwood—Transcona. Adrian Schulz ran against Bill Blailie in 2009 and lost.

    Actyl group http://www.fcpp.org/files/1/Linda%20West%20Sept%2020th%20-20Wpg.pdf https://staronepr.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/actyl-group-issues-statement-on-misquoting-and-misrepresentation-of-facts-in-cbc-news-story/

    April 02, 2014 Actyl Group, based in Edmonton, Alberta, has made visits to countries around the world, including Jamaica, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Philippines, Belize and Mexico. It has recruited candidates for a wide range of jobs, including warehouse workers, craft laborers, shipbuilders, electrical engineers, long-haul drivers, hotel attendants, food service workers, mechanics, carpenters and more.

    http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/12/prweb3329614.htm Actyl Immigration, a Actyl Group company, is responding to the Government of Saskatchewan’s announcement on new immigration paths to boost investment and jobs opportunities in the province. Ms. Linda West MBA, PhD, President and Mr. Adrian Schulz, Managing Director of Actyl Group are traveling Feb 1-14, 2010 to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Manila to meet with potential business migrants who would invest in Saskatchewan’s economy, by starting new or acquiring existing businesses.

  3. ” Does anyone know how many slaves they have shipped to Canada and the money made from indenturing them to their new owners.” So far 500,000 TFW slaves have been brought to Canada. Out of that I can’t break the figures down. Their are other slave trade companies competing with Actyl Group.

  4. anotherperson  |  

    If you have worked in any tourist community in Canada you would know that many of these places depend on TFW program because they can’t fill the positions with local people that live there. I have worked in several areas that do the same across BC. People are complaining keep the jobs here but no one wants crappy low paying dish washing, food prep, housekeeping jobs here. If you have ever worked in some of these communities, the foreign workers who come to work say housekeeping in a hotel work their butts off. Not where the same job you can find anywhere and folk from here just don’t show up, or care. People that travel to work here often care about their work and showing up, and doing a good job.

    • Thats the point, TFW wreck the whole job market. If an employer can’t get somene to work for the money they’re offering they offer more till someone is willing to do the job for that wage. Thats how a labour market works! TFW keep wages down for the rest of us. If BP wants good reliable employees offer more money!

  5. Captain obvious  |  

    What everyone in the rest of the country fails to realize is the location they are hiring for. In Alberta you make more in the oil patch in a day, than you would a week at Boston pizza. If you are trying to attract young school kids to work good luck. Either there parents make to much money, and they are just given whatever they want. Or they are too lazy to want to work. Yes there are kids who do want to work, and they should be given every opportunity to do so. I’m not saying that the TFW program is without it’s flaws, because it does defiantly have some. There are always companies that will take advantage. You just need have to see the point of view on both sides. Not just the one portrayed by the media, because we all know how honest they are. I’m just saying please do the research before throwing people under the bus. The workers are trying to make money to send home to their families. Where there are no jobs. Thank you.

    • General Oblivious  |  

      >The workers are trying to make money to send home to their families. Where there are no jobs.

      Unemployment rate in Canada: 7.0
      Unemployment rate in The Philippines: 7.5

      > I’m just saying please do the research before throwing people under the bus.
      Practice what you preach, sir.

    • The workers are trying to make money to send home to their families.
      That’s money not being recirculated, like all the profits that leave. Ever ask the question why your paying more for all the government services your use too and some you don’t even get anymore. The taxes that use to pay for the services, lack of infrastructure rebuilding, cut back in schooling and health, is because the money leaves the country. If your for all that then you can pay for my bills.

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  7. Are you serious?? This generation doesn’t want to work!! Why should they when their parents are spoiling them rotten? They are toted everywhere, all have cell phones, cars but no jobs!!! Have you ever been to the Caribbean and see how hard and how polite all the workers are there? They should all be sent here to teach our people HOW to work!!! WTG JIm!!! Actually I was just in one of your restaurants the other day and had the best perogy pizza ever!!!!!!!

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