Harper government quietly removes TFW restriction

Here’s a copy of the letter sent by Employment Minister Jason Kenney and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander quite removing some temporary foreign worker program restrictions. In a nutshell,

1. Many temporary foreign workers who were supposed to leave by April 1 will be allowed to stay
2. Employers will no longer be required to ensure no more than 10 per cent of their workforce is made up of low-wage TFWs


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  1. I am from Moosomin Saskatchewan unenploy for a while give my resume 3 time to motel 6 as they advertise need worker for many position I applied for the maintanence position wich I am well qualified to do but they never call me back .I heard of 2 more person that aplie for work with the same motel 6 and never receive a call back ,yet they still advertising Ned workers .Do you think they are doing this to get oversee workers at a discount subsidies and telling the government they can not get worker in Canada ? VERY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIE any how thanks motel 6 is the gig up ? so if it is stop taking adventage of Canadian citizens and hires peaple not for the government discount but for the work they are willing and able to do .

    • Seriously- maybe if you wrote English properly they might have hired you! Stop blaming other people for why you don’t have a job. Go and get one. TFW’s tend to be hard working people who only want better for their own family- just like everyone else already here! I’m not talking about skilled jobs in the oil field. I think those should go to the most qualified. But easy labour jobs that anyone can do- most Canadians don’t want to work them anyway. People need to calm down and bring back TFW’s so my coffee doesn’t take 20 mins to get to me and the restaurant will be clean!

      • mom of 5 try getting of your ass and working instead of collecting welfare and stay home and make your own coffee then you dont need to worry about washrooms cleaned

    • Marco i would bring my resume to them and if they say they are not hiring i would ask for that in writing because they will hire TFW when that saying they cant fill the position here in Canada. Then contact your MP and tell them this

    • Marco

      If your resume has as many spelling mistakes as your post, I can guess why Motel 6 is not calling you.

      I live in the same community as Marco, there is work for anyone who seriously wants a job. There is job search support and resume help at CanSask Employment Services for free, located in the Territorial Mall.

      Check it out, get some help with your resume from an Employment Counsellor.

  2. There should be a fee on companies for bringing in Temporary Foreign Workers; and if the workers apply for Permanent status they should be paid as well as anyone else in that province. The fee should be used for training Canadian workers to do thee jobs.
    Mom of 5 and B have it.
    Marco,you had better spell check that resume and maybe have someone who knows resumes critique it for you.
    If you are not getting called it is probably because they do not think you are qualified or someone else is MORE qualified.

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