New employment minister pledges to battle unions for $5

The newly appointed Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre once pledged to fight the “radical union agenda” and asked the party faithful five dollars for his efforts.

Here’s the email he sent out:

From: Pierre Poilievre
Date: Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 2:06 PM
Subject: Sid Ryan declares war To: [removed]


I’ll be blunt – the stakes have never been higher.

We’re not just fighting Thomas Mulcair’s NDP and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

This time, we’re also fighting a radical union agenda.

It’s the same one that worked tirelessly (and successfully) to re-elect a party that wasted billions of Ontarians’ money to close half-built gas plants in key swing seats.

Sid Ryan and the Ontario Federation of Labour have openly declared war against Conservatives. Here’s what Ryan had to say on July 28:

“The war room that we had up and running for the provincial election will be initiated, no question about it, for the federal election.”

What does this mean? It means that they will spend millions of dollars attacking our Conservative government – and to reverse all the progress we’ve made together.

We can’t afford to go back to the days of big spending, bigger entitlements, and higher taxes.

Canada is better off with the strong leadership of Stephen Harper. And he’s counting on your support to win the next election.

Please chip in $5 and help us prepare to fight off the big union attacks. Everything we’ve fought for is at risk.


Pierre Poilievre MP, Nepean-Carleton

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  1. Robert Fleetwood  |  

    Time for a new government these idiots are out of control. This new appointment speaks directly to the war they have declared on the hard working Canadians they pretend to work for. Totally out of control

  2. What a world these conservatives have created. He is in charge of employment but fights against unions, wages, employment by Canadians.
    He is upset that the unions expose his government’s HEART for TFW recruiters.

  3. Donnie Winchester  |  

    You sir, is the reason UNIONS are needed more today than ever before.
    You and the mindset of this Dictatorship of the HARPER Government is the reason why I voted against the Conservative Party this past Provincial election in NB for the first time of my voting life.

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