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Harper government quietly removes TFW restriction

Here’s a copy of the letter sent by Employment Minister Jason Kenney and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander quite removing some temporary foreign worker program restrictions. In a nutshell, 1. Many temporary foreign workers who were supposed to leave by April 1 will be allowed to stay 2. Employers will no longer be required to ensure […] more

Take Back Canada Day

This Canada day, please take a moment to think about all the hard working Canadians who are facing unemployment, suppressed wages, and dangerous working conditions because of this odiously inhumane temporary foreign worker program that is destroying Canadian lives and livelihoods while enslaving hundreds of thousands of people from less privileged nations to a life […] more

Operation RAILMOP: No Canadian résumé left out

We are launching a new operation to ensure that no résumé of a Canadian candidate goes straight into the trash can to make way for a temporary foreign worker. We receive scores of emails every day from people accusing certain employers of throwing away résumés of Canadian applicants and hiring temporary foreign workers (TFWs) even […] more

Top 5 TFW Myths

Myth 1: Temporary foreign worker program creates jobs for Canadians A report by C. D. Howe Institute shows that the temporary foreign worker program increases unemployment in certain sectors of the economy. Myth 2: There’s an acute labour shortage in Canada Research conducted by University of Lethbridge scholars found that “there were no skill shortages […] more