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E. ROKO Distributors Ltd threatens to sue us

Vancouver-based E. ROKO Distributors Ltd, a supplier to the cabinet and millwork industry, has threatened legal action against us unless we agree to take the business off the list of organizations that have sought and received government authorization to recruit temporary foreign workers. We have never hired foreign employees. We would expect that our name […] more

Canada's Top 25 Corporations' TFW Usage

Our research indicated that 22 out of Canada’s top 25 public corporations have sought and received government approval to hire temporary foreign workers. Rank Company Profit in billions of $ TFW/NTFW 1 Royal Bank of Canada $7.44 TFW 2 Bank of Nova Scotia $6.47 TFW 3 Toronto-Dominion Bank $6.37 TFW 4 Bank of Montreal $4.12 […] more

Unemployed vs TFWs: The numbers

In the above pictogram, each person represents 7,000 unemployed Canadians, while each white dot represents 7,000 temporary foreign workers. Province/territory TFWs (31 Dec 2012) Unemployed (2013) Unemployment rate Alberta 68,319 107,200 4.62% British Columbia 74,216 162,400 6.57% Manitoba 5,572 35,800 5.35% New Brunswick 2,880 40,900 10.43% Newfoundland and Labrador 2,550 30,000 11.42% Nova Scotia 4,364 45,100 9.04% […] more

Amnesty International employing TFWs

While we expect for-profit business big and small to be on the temporary foreign worker employer list, we were quite surprised to find high-profile not-for-profit organizations there. One name that really stands out is, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Canadian Section (English Speaking), who last year received a staggering $10 million in donations. One of their key campaigning […] more