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Concerned citizen helps police nab illegal TFW recruiter after government fails to act

January 29, 2015  Halton Police arrested Imelda Saluma for an illegal check cashing scheme1.  This is not Ms. Saluma’s biggest offense, however; she is wanted by the Toronto PD for defrauding foreign workers who seek to work in Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 1   4 can verify that Calgary resident Bernadette Boudreault […] more

A Short Account of The Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Officially companies use it to find temporary workers from other countries when qualified Canadian residents aren’t available.5 Sometimes the company needs a positive govt Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA, formerly LMO). A positive LMIA says there is no Canadian resident for the job5 — Firms must first advertise job to Canadian residents 16 — Some […] more

TFW Entries Outpace Job Growth In Canada

The number of temporary foreign workers allowed into Canada last year was more than the number of new jobs created during that year, latest figures released by the Canada government reveals. 221,273 TFWs were allowed into Canada in 2013, Minister Jason Alexander’s Citizenship and Immigration Canada reported while a mere 99,000 jobs were added to […] more

Kenney’s reforms make it easier to hire TFWs in skilled trades

Employment Minister Jason Kenney has made it easier for businesses to hire temporary foreign workers in skilled trades by reactivating the controversial accelerated labour market opinion (LMO) program, according to NTFW.CA analysis of the reforms package announced by the government today. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications for skilled trades where the wage offered is […] more

Foodservice TFW Moratorium Lifted

Minister Kenney announced today that the moratorium on temporary foreign workers in the foodservice sector has been lifted and announced the changes below. LMOs are renamed LMIAs 1 Temporary Foreign Workers who require an LMIA are still under the TFW Program 1 Temporary Foreign Workers whose entry does not require an LMIA are now under the […] more

Law breaking employers approved to hire TFWs

Employers who were caught illegally hiring foreign workers later received government approval to recruit temporary foreign workers, even though the government claims that a two-year ban is imposed on employers who fall foul of immigration laws. In Alberta, Empire Drywall pleaded guilty to hiring four foreign workers without authorization in breach of Immigration and Refugee […] more