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TFW truckers putting Canadian lives in danger

Temporary foreign workers working as truck drivers without any experience driving in winter driving conditions could be putting the lives of all Canadian road uses at risk, veteran Canadian truck drivers warn. “They run them from B.C. through the Rockies in the winter and clear across the country,” Mark Perkin from Ontario, who has been […] more

“Ya blew it Jim” - Boston Pizza facing boycott following TFW hiring spree

Angry Canadian workers are calling for a boycott of Boston Pizza after the company’s franchises were found trying recruit temporary foreign workers with the help of controversial TFW recruitment consultants Actyl Group despite the Government’s moratorium on TFW application approvals in the food services industry. “I felt dismay,” Teri Ballegeer from Nanaimo, BC, who first […] more

McDonald’s recruiting international students dodging TFW freeze

McDonald’s Canada is recruiting international students bypassing the moratorium against temporary foreign workers, according to an advertisement by the company’s international recruiter. “McDonald’s postions for people with open work permints – will provide an LMO when student work permit expires,” reads the posting, which predates the moratorium, by Actyl Group, the recruiter allegedly involved in […] more

60% jobs in Canada may be going to TFWs

As many as 60% of all jobs created in Canada may be going to temporary foreign workers, latest numbers released by the Canadian government show. More than 125,000 temporary foreign workers were allowed into Canada in the first six months of 2013, according Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s latest Quarterly Administrative Data Release. Only 82,000 Canadians […] more

Kenney knew about potential TFW program abuses in 2011

Employment Minister Jason Kenney knew about the potential abuses in the temporary foreign worker program as far back as 2011, when he was the Minister of Immigration, according to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada summary report. “Another concern is that while the Temporary Foreign Worker Program was created to fill temporary shortages, an increasing number […] more

Reputation management company running petition in support of TFWP

A reputation management company is running a petition urging government of Canada to lift the ban on temporary foreign workers in the restaurant industry. The domain is registered to a Nic Canning at Smithcom, a Toronto-based reputation management company. Employment Minister Jason Kenney imposed a moratorium on processing labour market opinion (LMO) applications for […] more

TFW experience needed to get a job in HR

Experience with recruiting and managing temporary foreign workers is becoming a prerequisite for getting a job in human resources management at many companies, the job descriptions posted by these employers show. A job advertisement for Regional Training and Human Resource Manager at The Hudson Group at Vancouver International Airport states that “Previous AINP/LMO experiance is […] more