We will only remove your name from our database of employers that have successfully applied for permission to employ temporary foreign workers if we have added you in error. If that is the case we will promptly remove you from the list. Otherwise, under no circumstances will we remove your name from our list. N.B. Please do not make verification requests if your name is on the TFW employer database. Your request will be denied and no refund will be issued.

We will check your business against our database of TFW employers. If you name does not return a match, we will add you to our directory, and send you an NTFW sticker. N.B. Please do not make verification requests if your name is on the TFW employer database. Your request will be denied and no refund will be issued.

We get our data from the Employment and Social Development Canada. Here’s the raw datafile for 2012. It’s a really big PDF, so download with care.

Some TFW employers took offence to being labelled as ‘Bad Guys’. They asked to be removed from the database on the grounds that they were not ‘bad’. We are not in the business of offending people, so we no longer call them ‘Bad Guys’.

NTFW is what comes after NSFW.

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  1. I don’t see Aramark Canada on the list – they run all the food services for many University’s across Canada and they hire about 70% TFW’s ( I worked there and they laid me off while hiring new TFW’s)

    • Les, please contact your local CBC station. They would be interested in interviewing you. If you are in Vancouver, please contact Kathy Tomlinson.

      I also worked for Aramark, but in one of their mailrooms. They did not have TFWs, but Aramark is a horrible, horrible company.

  2. Why are there no listings for Saskatchewan? We’ve had some pretty good stories in the news. We also have one who hires TFWs and helps them obtain citizenship. How do they rate with you? The TFW program was originally invented to provide farmers with temporary workers to get their crops off on time. There weren’t enough Canadians willing to do the backbreaking work for minimum wage. Do you have a problem with those farmers?

  3. kafadan hacamatta en çok dÃÂÂşünü¼len şeydir saçların kesilmesi ama kafadan bir kere hacamat yaptıranlar bir sonrakine saçlarını hiç düşünmezler verdiği rahatlama harikadır hiç düşünmeyin saçların hacamatın yanında bir önemi yoktur.

  4. Look, like I said (and this is the last I’ll say on the subject, JD), I have a problem with encouraging people’s vices and addictions to pay for things that are valuable to us as a society. Cigarette taxes pay for things, sure, but we don’t have the government setting up cigarette machines around town so they can profit off increased nicotine addiction. We don’t legalize drugs so we can profit off drug addiction (at least, not that I’m aware of).If you’re okay with it, good on ya. I just hate to see my government actually encouraging behavior that is proven to destroy people’s lives. Obviously I’m in a minority with that opinion.

  5. Jag bara älskar din blogg, dina alster och den inspiration du ger!! Jag lämnar sällan en kommentar, varför vet jag inte…blir bara inte… Passar pÃ¥ och tar chansen att blir den lyckliga vinnaren av en finfin bok *ler*. Önskar dig och dina ett gott slut och gott nytt Ã¥r och tack för att du ger oss chansen att fÃ¥ en fin bok.Hej frÃ¥n mig,Eivor/Ejjawww.eivor.blogg.se

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