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  3. Ucluelet is not listed. I was told one month ago, that an american company has recently opened a fish processing plant, where they hired skilled foreign fish processors, because so few skilled Canadians qualified. Unskilled applicants had to have some “talent” at fish processing, before the company would invest in training them. I was told the workers are paid on a piece rate.

    • I can not believe they couldn’t find locals to do the work. That is utter BS. There are many very skilled processors on and around Vancouver Island.

    • A talent at fish processing really? That is a loophole for a company that only wants to hire TFW’s and pay them crap! That is terrible and the government is letting this happen! Get ride of the TFW program!

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  11. Maybe the retail and banking institutions would prefer temporary foreign customers?
    I know who I’m striking off the “Do business with” list. Now I have to look for a new bank or credit union.

  12. Interesting being classified as a bad guy , when we advertised for a year for one ,live in Care aide for our seniors residence in Merritt with no reply . We finally got an applicant from Korea (who was trained as a nurse in Korea but could not pass the Canadian nurses union tests. ) we paid the same rate as others working girl us . The employee returned to Korea to further her education on seniors bronchial treatments .

    • Well, as long as you didn’t need to raise the wages for a hard-to-fill position, then I guess everyone wins, amiright?

    • I know exactly what you mean. I have been advertising for a licensed physician for 3 years. I’m offering $45,000 per annum and haven’t been able to find anyone. Stupid lazy Canadian doctors don’t want to work I guess.

      • The going rate for a licensed physician in Canada is well above $45,000. The only ones likely to answer your offer are the younger doctors who are not yet established in a practice and they have a huge amount of student debt to pay off. You can’t do that on $45,000 and have any kind of life as well. Working conditions would also play a part. If they are to be an only physician in a place away from others it would mean being on call 24/7 and no-one wants to do that any more.

          • Ben, si « les Israeliens ne veulent pas vivre avec les Palestiniens et aimeraient que ces derniers aient un Etb&pnast;», comment se fait-il que le gouvernement israélien réagisse de manière hystérique lorsque le gouvernement palestinien annonce qu’il va faire admettre l’Etat de Palestine, déjà reconnu par 130 Etats à travers le monde, aux Nations Unies ?

      • That’s despicable salary. Dah. RU trying to hire the very same medical professions that can’t meet or pass our Country’s medical standards & education level? Your example is NOT what the FWP is intended.

      • $45k a year for a licensed physician? It’s not the doctors fault you’re not getting any applicants. I work a desk job and make more than that.

      • Jeff where do you think you will hire a physician at that rate? They make way more then that! Are you just going through the motions so you can hire a TFW and pay them peanuts!!!!!!!!

    • you should have had to keep inflating the wage until you could entice a Canadian citizen to come work, its called a free market

      • Businesses must try finding Canadians to fill the jobs first, with reasonable wages. However, they are putting their profit first, looking to hire minumum wage. Most Canadians are not willing to work @ minimum wages, and why would they? I wouldn’t. So government is bringing foreign workers to work and pay taxes, and invest in our communities, which creates other jobs. This is one way to keep businesses in Canada, and prevent it from going away. Remember, there was many good paying unionized jobs in Canada, and now they all moved to Mexico or China. Now if we could just keep the business here, it would be much better for Canadians than as it was operating in China. We can tax the business as well as employees, they will have to eat here, buy here, etc which in turn creates more revenue for Canadians. I think government is smart, and we should be smart too. I don’t see any problem if foreign workers are coming here , doing the jobs I don’t want to do, as a matter of fact Canadians should get more training and education and maybe some day we don’t have to work at all.

        • I’d love to see McDonalds, Tim Hortons etc pack up and go to Mexico or China, however that seems unlikely. This really is an asinine comment … TFWs do not invest in our communities, they invest in their community at home … that is why they are here doing the stuff you don’t want to …you think they like doing that work because they are foreign? No man, they doing it because their life sucks even worse where they are.

          I do feel for the workers themselves, but we are supposed to take care of our own house before we start helping others. We need TFWs (or better, immigration) when the unemployment rate is down around 2% but at 10% it amounts to economic suicide for the country.

        • Koselig navn da Moa! Kaffekoppen forbinder man med noe hyggelig! Det samme gjør jeg med bloggen din. Alltid vakre, stemningsfulle bilder, og mange fine tanker om sÃ¥ mangt i livet!!!Klem fra meg!

    • Its called supply and demand. The same way you set your prices for clients and customers. If you can’t fill your jobs, you obviously aren’t paying enough. Pure and simple.

      • No its called work force shortage. Thats Different. That means we dont have enough skilled labour..and unemployment levels are low.
        We could pay the Timmies staff welders wages…but there would be no welders coming to buy coffee, because they will be SERVING coffee.

        • Your comment is wrong because it assumes that there are an abundance of positions across the country that employers have been unsuccessful at filling, and there is no evidence to support that this is the case. What is very common, unfortunately, is highly qualified people unable to find work in their field, forcing them to work for wages that are well below what their capabilities could earn them otherwise. The TFW program exacerbates this problem by eliminating even these positions as possibilities for Canadians to be employed in. There is no workforce shortage, only a shortage of organized workers who have the spine to stand up and demand fair wages and equal treatment. Your boss is not your friend, they are their to make their company as much money as possible, and if they can save a dollar by hiring someone from overseas, they will. Only campaigns, like this one, to publicly call these businesses out and affect their bottom line are going to make them reconsider this practice. Kudos to the people who made this site for the work they’ve done.

        • No workforce shortage! Companies want to hire TFW’s and take advantage of them and that is wrong. This is Canada and jobs should go to Canadians first!

    • I find it far more interesting that you clearly feel you are not a “bad guy” Frank. Did you try offering more money? It is very possible that you were not paying what the market has come to expect. If you raised the wages and still couldn’t get anyone to take the job did you consider advertising the position in other parts of Canada? If you covered any expenses for the Korean lady you did hire is there any reason you couldn’t have done the same for someone moving across the country.

      The temporary foreign worker program does not exist to protect employers from rising wages, but that is almost exclusively what is used for. If you really did everything you should have before applying for a permit for a TFW then you are one of the few that has.

    • A year! Obviously the job was not attractive for the wage offered or you run a sub-standard care home & some qualified Canadian worker doesn’t want to contribute to neglect. This industry has been on the watch-it list for years so I would surmise that you didn’t get Canadian applications because you have a poor reputation, you know, staff shortages, lay offs (for TFW), expecting staff to do more with less. It’s all about profit.

    • You couldn’t find a care aide Frank? Really! Maybe you should pay more and you might get some applicants! Good way to keep the wages low and hire TFW’s that are happy to have a job and will not say much!

    • People are clueless.
      1. With an average of 1.7 kids per family, add texting and driving, and lazy pampered teenagers that get money for nothing and are “above” working…..we have some serious economic, parental and demographic issues to fix. Let alone the hunger for fastfood for fat Canadians….lets bring workers in to do what we are too fat to do……, keep us eating, and keep on fueling our healthcare system with unhealthy people. Great model.

      2. TWO tier healthcare…you bet..great IDEA…… one for the healthy lifestyle-rs..that try…and another tier for the rest…smokers/bacon lovers/pop guzzlers etc…… you know it.

      • So you want to play some sort of “GOD” do you? Sounds like you belong with that corrupt group of clowns called “The Bilderberg Group” you know, the ones that run this planet. Tell you what ldong, obviously you are lost and confused. NOT a Canadian by any means. Seems you have a racist issue going there. All for Asian’s. Best start packing, your NO LONGER welcome!

      • Sadly, there’s some truth to what you say. While I wouldn’t call my 15yr-old son ‘pampered’ – I have to agree that his expectations are higher than mine were at that age. I worked an assortment of minimum-wage jobs back when I was in high-school, but my son’s looking for something more.

        Teenagers are the ones who could be expected to fill all these fast-food jobs for minimum-wage, but too many can’t be bothered.

    • Yes! And is it true that the owner of the Wendy’s/Tim Hortons is the same business-man that is proposing the mega George Hotel/Conference centre that is supposed to bring so many new employment opportunities to the high unemployment Sunshine Coast? I’m wondering why I haven’t seen this issue discussed with all of the other controversy of the George…

      • Thank you for mentioning Devry. You can read about their use of the tfw program here: (Vancouver Sun seems to have taken it down). Apparently they’re paying for hotel rooms to house these tfw and even have a company bus to bring them to work. It was pretty hard to find any advertising they are doing to find Canadians and the ads I did see didn’t offer any of this assistance to local people. Probably every corporate farm in the province should be on this map.

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  15. Map isn’t very accurate. Wok Box in Lethbridge has been closed for well over a year. The unfortunate thing is that some places are getting a bad rap because of some major players. Don’t get mad at the foreign workers, get mad at their employees.

    • Map includes data from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Perhaps the data is a little bit stale. Gov’t data is often at least a year old.

  16. Wow to think people will have people come to work for them that are thousands of miles away, but the ones in Ontario and Quebec and east who desperately need jobs are left out. I think Mcdonalds and all those large corps need to have employment drives in the east to bring people west! Makes sense to me, If they need help on how to set it up just ask the resorts in the areas they are because they do it every years and hire Canadians from all over Canada to work for them. To me it makes sense, but to capitalists it makes no sense because you always want cheap labour and they don;t have any responsible beyond there bottom line! I’ve to applied to many western companies and was always told I live to far to be able to take a position but someone from Korea or China or Russia must live closer and be able to take the job easier than someone that doesn’t need to worry about immigration issues! Time to get the capitalists out of Ottawa and start building a strong nation with what we have here!

    • Not complete  |  

      It’s expensive to live out west so the wages wouldn’t support workers from out east, unless they were willing to sleep in shifts three to a room in an apartment owned by the business owner or a member of his family or the corporation or some other dishonest land owner.

  17. Airlines like sunwing have been using foreign pilots for years and other airlines like westjet encore are looking at using foreign pilots. Westjet encore pays half the going rate for pilots thus has a hard time getting canadian pilots to work for them. There are lots of canadian pilots willing to work but cannot work for the low wages these airlines are offering. The foriegn pilots are only driving wages and working conditions down.
    Let the free market increase wages and these airlines will have no problem recruiting canadian pilots. Instead , the tfw program is artificially depressing wages and working conditions.

  18. Knowing that our government cares more about Temporary Foreign Workers and Immigrants compared to their own people sickens me. I’ve never been ashamed to call myself Canadian. I guess there’s a first for everything!

    • You should be ashamed, named Mario, son of immigrants, just like every one in this country, ignorant like everybody else, probably lazy and weed addict like everybody else. Tfw are not the problem, guys like you, looser and ignorant by choice, Real hard working Canadians are sick of canadians, they should be deported and exchanged for tfw.

  19. I have continueously sent out my resume to Flint Energy to job postings for which I am qualified for. I am a journeyman tradesman. I guess this is how they get around hiring TFW by putting ads out there for job openings, and saying that they are not getting any applicants.

    • My husband was out of work for months a few years ago and applied to lots of jobs as well in our city, fully qualified, intelligent, and clean cut. But I see 2 of them he applied to and didn’t even get an interview with use TWF’s.

  20. true Canadian  |  

    Mr Harper just lost my vote and Tims and Mcdonalds can be sure I will not be buying anything there; my country is not open to free immigration we need skilled labour if you would like to immigrate here—— not more unskilled people to collect GST and HST quarterly free cheques and to Mr Kenny you are a HYPOCCRITE from a conservative who goes back to voting for the Reform Party sickening people running this country its a travesty.

    • ….and you think it will be better with Trudeau? It will be worse. Listen closely to his comments and views on immigration.

      • true Canadian  |  

        you obviously did not read what I said there was no comment who I would vote for or not vote for stay on the subject forget about the bullshit i go back to reform signs on my lawn thats how Mr Harper got in in the first place did you have a reform sign or your lawn or did you just come in on the bandwagon

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  22. The government has sold us out. Canadians could show their displeasure by boycotting all businesses using foreign workers.

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  25. Just wanted to say thanks to whoever created this website. I’ll be boycotting all these businesses. What a sick and disgusting program.

  26. Parksville is not on map but they are also guilty of abuse of the Temp. F. Work Program! I am appauled! This has to end NOW!

  27. please research Subway in both Fraser Lake and Fort St James. There is not a single Canadian that works in either location.

  28. Whatever happened with those Chinese coal miners in Tumbler Ridge? I haven’t heard anything about that in the press for awhile

    • Oh Neil, you have to do a google search, last I heard even thought the Chinese Coal Mining Co. said they were setting up a training course with the local Education place up there… there has only been maybe 1 meeting in 18 months and no course has been set up yet.

  29. Not complete  |  

    I live in northern Alberta and this list is not complete by any means. Can we add to the list?

    Is there an app we can use to inform us if a businesses employs TFWs?

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  31. The problem is clearly widespread and has many facets and arguments. I recently advertised for people at my company and the majority of applicants were not Canadians. My choice to hire Canadians would come first. The problem I see here is that companies are allowed to hire workers and pay minimum wages and unfortunately the Government allows this. It boils down to casting your vote with your wallet and having to gonads to follow through with your commitment. Simply don’t patronize the companies that depend on Foreign workers. There are companies that exploit the program to its maximum when they could hire Canadians First. For the obvious organization that serve certain ethnic groups where it makes sense to have similar speaking people that understand the culture shouldn’t be a concern since you may not go there anyway. In any case if there is a Canadian that will take the position and is qualified then they should e hired first.

  32. So let me see…they create laws so that we can’t go over the border to get cheaper prices for ourselves as consumers…

    Yet they create laws that let companies bring in foreign workers who will take the low wages that are simply too low for Canadians.

  33. In my city I noticed that each business using TFW’s was a business owned by a foreigner, Indian restaurant-Sushi Bar-Wok Box-East Indian owned Hotels-Etc. Obviously hiring friends or family from their home countries. Absolute BS if you ask me. Their are plenty of qualified workers willing to do these jobs living here paying taxes and contributing to our society, unlike TFW’s.

  34. I’m bookmarking this website and will no longer be doing business at any of these establishments. Sort of sad our favourite Thai restaurant is on the list but this whole concept makes me sick to my stomach.

    If companies have trouble hiring, its because they aren’t offering attractive enough wages and conditions. Just like consumer prices are set by supply and demand *of Canadian consumers* so should wages and work conditions be set by the actual market of job seekers who are *Canadians*.

    This scheme enables companies to keep totally non-competitive wages that aren’t realistic for Canadians, and to exploit workers (who really can’t stay in the country if they don’t act like slaves to their employers). Moreover I know for a fact very well qualified and trained Canadians who can not get one of these minimum wage jobs.

  35. This is what happens to our society today. They aren’t willing to work for less. All today Canadian wants are high paying jobs, more benefits, more vacation time and less work. No wonder some of business turn to TFW. If you want to eliminate TFW, expect work for less people.

    • I am a trained IT person, trained in Canada, and I am only starting out and expect to be employed in a job with a pay range of $11/hour to $15/hour to start my career, expecting the lower half of the quoted range…guess what? I still cannot get even that…why? Cos companies bring in more “qualified” Indians, Paki’s and Chinese willing to do the work for minimum wage in my province…HOW THE HELL am I suppose to make a good living for myself and MY family…if I cannot get even the proper experience cos of these parana’s want to pay TFW’s as low as legally possible over CANADIANS?

    • If people aren’t willing to work for less then companies have to pay more. It’s supposed to be a free market economy, dummy.

  36. Cranston and Seton good earth coffee shops have hired local people . Support this company rather than Tim’s in calgary

  37. Jeff - Calgary  |  

    Wow, the family owned convenience store by house has TFW(s). Must be a way to bring family or friends into the country to work. I am all for supporting local businesses but I wont be stopping there anymore. I expect the store does not make alot of money and needs to keep wages low or go out of business but they are out of business as far as I am concerned.
    We do not need retail on every corner or a Timmies on every block.. Pay higher wages and the marginal businesses will close up shop. Improve your business processes to streamline services delivery. I see 12 people working in my Timmies in DT Calgary and I know I could do the work of 3 of them, but I guess that would only pay half my salary.
    Businesses in this country, both large and small, do not invest in their employees. They say they do, but really they dont want you to gain knowledge and experience because you will then demand a hirer wage or go work for someone else. This is the issue, it is cheaper for a business to steal other employees than pay to truely train employees.

    • so when the marginal businesses go down because they are no longer profitable how does that help unemployment? Obviously my economics understanding must be so much lower than yours. I always saw that not only wages and employment levels in the area where together with what you can sell your product for. If your product does not demand the higher prices then you cannot pay the wages. So for all the bleeding hearts out there that want companies to operate at a loss while the employees have everything they want I really think you need to give your heads a shake.

      • In your opinion we should subsidize a marginal business with slave labour. In a free market only the strong businesses will survive and will provide improved labour conditions as a result. You are proposing corporate welfare for marginal business who is the bleeding heart now.

        • mirqn У Харкові раджу дивитись в ТЦ Дафі. Хоч кінотеатр не найкращий та ціни нормальні)В Донецьку прокату взагалі Ð(°ÂµÃÂ¼ÃÂÂÃє(((((((((((((((½(((39f5

  38. Hmm, there’s a LOT missing here. How are you deciding which to include? Or is it just not all inputted yet? I live in Victoria, BC and there are TONS of places that hire TFWs, not just the three big bads. When is Saskatchewan coming up? There are *so* many there.

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  40. The real problem here is that we have the Stephen Harper Conservatives, making rules and regulations on programs they don’t understand, and creating consequences they don’t see coming, because they are totally inept, incompetent and don’t have a clue what they’re actually doing. They pass laws that are unconstitutional, and get struck down at the Supreme Court level, almost on a monthly basis!! This Government has created more inequality, more suffering, and wasted more tax dollars on unconstitutional legislation than any Government in my 40-year memory. They are a joke.

    • Sad thing is, I am a Conservative and even I agree with every single thing you say here about Harper and are reasons I will be shopping my vote this time around to who has the best solution out there…if there is a “best solution”

  41. All Harper and Kenney can do is talk talk talk. No action. Kenney keeps promising penalties for employers who abuse the program. Was RBC sanctioned or punished? NO Was Tim Hortons sanctioned or punished? NO! Has ANYBODY who has abused the rules and broken the laws been sanctioned or punished?? NO!!! It’s all a farce, and this Government needs to be kicked out for total incompetency.

  42. I have known the owner of dead frog brewery for 20 years. The way he treats his employees and operates his business no Canadian would want to work for him.

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  44. What will it take for the general public to become completely outraged regarding the abuse of our Canadian system? This program was never meant to provide cheap labour for any business. From shady Kiosk owners to fast food restaurants and foreign owned companies bringing their own workers here (HD Mining). This is insane. Any legitimate law abiding company cannot compete with this. It’s time someone gets hung out to dry for this fiasco.

    On another note, shouldn’t all government programs be this easy to view as this website? Isn’t this an appropriate use of the internets and easy access to important information. Kudos to Rohana Rezel for providing this information.

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  46. This is what happens when governments believe they can do what they want. Stop this madness! We are enough without jobs.Choose Canadians for work in Canada! Down with foreign workers.Down with multiculturalism! Down with immigration!

  47. Underemployed  |  

    My son has worked at MC Do_alds in Richmond for the past 8 months with only 4-5 hour shifts 1-3 times a month – almost all of his co-workers are Phillipino who may or may not be TFW’s – but given the news storys probably are. He has asked repeatedly for more hours since starting. My wife also is underemployed – 50ish and has been trying to get full time for the past 4 years. Temp agencies, big + small companies treat her like my 17 year old son – 4-5 hour shifts, on call, part time etc for $12 an hour. Our personal debt load is becoming unbearable. Gone are the days when you could get some full time job if you really tried. I hope this site can withstand the inevitable corporate backlash – we really have to hit the greed heads in the pocket book and boycot their products and services. Governments won’t help.

  48. Underemployed  |  

    After reading the post above my original I want to clarify I have nothing against foreigners. I am one of the 99% of people in this country who are recent immigrants. The diversity of cultures in Canada makes us stronger – its semi fascist governments and globalization that makes us weaker.

  49. Actually, I am going to apply to many places in Edmonton. Keep track of non responses and reactions. Could be a thesis topic! And, we shall see whether an educated and visibly aboriginal woman will gain employment before a TFW.
    If more people did this and kept track of responses….

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  51. Why is Canadian Tire(Cold Lake) not there. Are they hiding something. Canadian Tire replaced most of its employees to TFW recently

  52. Elizabeth Prosser  |  

    I live in one of the areas with high unemployment. I have gone back to school to work with computers, yet couldn”t find a internsship. No one would higher me to do computer work because I have no job experience. So I fix them on my own time. I also have over twenty years experience in Customs Brokerage with my license, yet can not find a job in this field where I live along with others in the field. I am unemployed, have sent out over a hundred resumes, gone on under a dozen interviews. I volunteer to build job skills and create my own work when needed, cleaning houses, renovatting them, fixing computers. I have just recently decided in order to get a job around here and not lose it to downsizing etc is to start your own business. So now I am working on starting my own business and when the opportunity arises I well only be hiring local. If companies would offer internships more, not be afraid of taking someone with no skills and training them. Than maybe there would be less unemployed people in each province. Moving for me is a issue, I did take a long look at that possibility too. Things really need to change and the companies are the ones that need to make the changes. There are a lot of good Canadian workers out there who work two to three jobs just to pay the bills, I have been one of them. These are minimum wage jobs that where not the best. So many people from my community have moved out West for jobs. You can only go back to school so many times and incure so much debt doing so before you say enough. Change starts with the businesses than the government. People also need to open their minds to lower paying jobs sometimes when your desperate for work and also working a few. I have told many people this who have run out of umemployment and still can not find a job in this area.

    • Daniel Dubya  |  

      Good on you girl. Just remember one day you will feel you have accomplished all that you set out to do. Don’t panic, plan and proceed. Best wishes.

  53. I’ve noticed no hotels are listed–probably because corporate chains do the LMR through their head office which is probably outside BC. Hotels in Victoria and Vancouver are notorious for employing TFW rather than Canadians. Can we have info for TFW in Victoria?

  54. I guess all of you will now stop driving or using products with any for of petrolium in them, turn of your heating, stop using anything made of plastic and walk everywhere. Why ? because ALL of the Oil and Gas producers in Alberta use TFW’s. Not to bring wages down, because they are going up, but because there are not enough qualified tradesmen. TFW journeymen have to prove they are qualified before they can get a work permit. And in Alberta most of the fast food outlets would close down without TFW’s because Canadians do not want to work there.

    • I’m a Journeyman Telecommunications Electrician in Alberta and have been unemployed over a year. My last job was in the U.S. until the third year when the U.S. border guard denied my TN Visa. I’ve applied for countless jobs all over the country and Alberta including the tar sands that posted for Telecom / IT jobs and nothing No… I’m not 25 years old anymore, but I’m experienced and need a job.

  55. Unfortunately teens , students and the under employed are not being hired by fast food places because they cannot be abused like tfws. These are jobs we all had when we were in school and it provided work experience and money to pay tuition. Now the youth unemployment rate is 3 times the national average . These employers would not be able to force a student to work all nights and would have to pay a premium to attract people to work these shifts. Instead they can force a tfw to work any shift , claw back overtime as tim’s did and force them to pay rent in the employer’s slum apartment building. This is creating a slave labour force and severely flooding a labour market that has high unemployment already. Would anyone care if a couple of McDonalds and Tims closed. If a restaurant is managed well it will survive if not let the free market close it or replace it. Tfw program is an extreme example of manipulation in the free labour market. If there is a shortage of workers wages will rise across the board , tax revenues will rise and the wealth of the country will rise. We are quickly sliding backwards right now. The slave owners in the southern us argued against abolishing slavery because their plantations could not compete. History has shown that letting these plantations close and abolishing slavery was the right thing to do.
    As for the oil patch there are many trades people out of work across canada who would jump at a good job in fort mac . With tfws again they can lock them in a camp up north and abuse them . Also they now don’t have to pay to train Canadians and fly them in and out. Canadians are not lazy they simply want a living wage.
    Oil production should be slowed to a manageable pace so all jobs go to canadians and our only resource lasts for future generations. Once oil is gone we are a third world country as we have nothing else.
    Right now we are making foreign oil companies rich and giving the jobs to tfws while schools are being closed and programs such as health care are being scaled back. Being a world leader in oil production we should have no funding shortages for these programs.

  56. Well there is a problem with our government since they are only puppets of the super rich. You get rich when you hire cheap workers and abuse them also they get kick backs form our government when they hire foreign workers by wage subsidy and not paying their portion of the CPP and EI benefits etc.

    • This is very true, all countries, governments, agencies, officials are all tools of the social elite 1% and the New World Order. Every other human and animals below the top 10% are just disposable slaves. The Georgia Guide Stones have a cryptic quote about reducing world population by 90% to achieve ecological resource balance. How do you suppose this will be achieved with foods, wars, weapons, politics, diseases, medicines, education, propaganda, hidden agendas, etc?


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  60. Olympia Athletic Camps

    My daughter applied for years at this place, would get interviewed, but never hired. She was a very good female wrestler. Now I know why,

  61. I did a quick survey of the businesses in SW Ontario. I did notice a large number of asian and indian restaurants. Are they using the TFW program to bring over the relatives thus circumventing the immigration process?

    • Old Sa#82l8&30;…..&#t221;Happy…Happy….Happy ….Birthday!You make me laugh every time I read your post! You have that spunk and attitude that I so adore. Never, never change. Hugs/kisses

  62. Next time flying on westjet think about their tfw pilots they hire instead of hiring canadian pilots. Every year they hire tfw pilots to fly their Calgary Hawaii route . Also their new regional airline encore pays their pilots half of the going rate for pilots and because of that they have a hard time getting pilots so they are starting to get tfw pilots from Spice Jet in India. They would have no problem getting Canadian pilots if they paid the going rate. They are creating a shortage by paying sub par wages and filling the gap with foriegn pilots . By doing this they are destroying working conditions for canadian pilots.
    Please think before using an airline that hires tfw pilots instead of Canadians.

      • Yes they use Thomas Cook airlines from Europe with European pilots to fly their Calgary Hawaii route. Normally Canadian law requires Canadian pilots to fly these routes from Canada but the TFW program gets around that. It is cheaper for them to do this as it in a B757 not their B737s . Their own Canadian pilots are left out of these jobs while foreign pilots are brought in on a seasonal basis as it is cheaper for westjet not to train their own pilots on a different aircraft type. They use the westjet call sign and westjet FAs but the pilots and airplanes are from Europe.
        I do not have official proof of Spice Jet pilots flying at WestJet Encore other than Encore pilots telling me they have flown with Spice Jet pilots brought over from India to fly westjet Encore airplanes because they cannot get Canadian pilots to work for their minimum wage. There is no lack of Canadian pilots but there is a lack of Canadian pilots willing to work for their low wages at Encore. To get around this they are bringing in foreign pilots to depress wages and working conditions in Canada.
        Sunwing airlines has been using the TFW program for pilots for many years and Canadian pilots have been shut out again this is to depress wages and get around having to train Canadian pilots. When you book a Sunwing vacation think twice because they employ around 50% TFW pilots.

  63. The temporary foreign workers program in Canada or any other country are just a new form of Slave Trafficking, modern slavery. The companies and even government agencies hire temporary foreign workers as a form of cost cutting wages below legal limits. They don’t want staff, they want subservient, desperate, and bendable slaves to do their every bidding without questions. Even some government officials suggest employers pay more livable wages if they want to attract citizen staff. There are many people all over the Internet who say TFW programs should all be banned for skilled and unskilled workers in any industry. If organizations can’t get enough citizen staff to function everyday, then they should just cut back their operations to fit their available staffing levels, too bad so sad. TFW programs are leading to employer corruption, government corruption, and immigration or labour fraud, queue jumping, cheating. You should read the comments about Victoria BC Canada, the first city that started this fire storm spreading now across Canada. This is a just Inquisition to punish the guilty. Read the other people’s comments on, (Victoria, BC, Canada),,, Yahoo Answers, Better Business Bureaus, “Why Some Immigrants Leave Canada”, others.

    • The temporary foreign worker program has a proper function in our labour market when it is used properly.
      We have many tfw’s here in Canada, in union positions, on many of our large construction sites. There are Canadian Union halls that have difficulty filling all of the positions that are required. Ironworkers would be an example. There are many American ironworkers here helping on these projects.
      The issue is using the tfw program for cheap labour in urban areas, as this map shows quite clearly.
      So, let’s see the problem for what it is. It’s an abuse of a good program. It needs to to be policed better and those abusing it need to to be punished with a suitable fine.

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  66. It is amazing how 99% of these comments are incredibly uninformed and ignorant of the problems out there. I am a business owner who uses TFW’s and we would be in big trouble without them. The unemployment rate is very low, and we cannot fill all the jobs without TFW’s, and the idea that this is keeping wages low is ridiculous, I will try to explain as many of the myth’s as I can:
    1. TFW’s don’t keep wages low, we have to pay them the same as we would any Canadian, and we would prefer to have Canadian’s working, but there just aren’t enough who are willing to work. As someone pointed out, Canadian’s are spoiled, and they don’t like to get “dirty”!
    2. Most cases you can offer higher wages, but that still doesn’t attract the right people, and the wage ceiling is not unlimited! It is very funny that the people who constantly clamour for higher wages are also the first ones to complain that things are getting too expensive. They are directly related!
    3. The re may be areas of Canada that are high unemployment, but they are unwilling to move to the work! We advertise across Canada, but again, Canadians are spoiled and they won’t leave their “home” even if it means supporting their family
    4. People who want the TFW program shut down completely are absolutely clueless! There would be such a large worker shortage, prices would absolutely skyrocket because there would be a bidding war between businesses for employees, and then the same people would be complaining about rising prices and greedy business people “gouging” everyone. Ridiculous.
    I am sure there are other points I am missing, but that is all I have time for. Yes, there are some businesses who abuse foreign workers and take advantage of them, but I know our foreign workers are all very hard workers and we encourage them to become Canadian Citizens so they can be long term contributors to our society. Think about it, how many “Canadians” don’t have a father, grandfather, or somewhere farther down the line that wasn’t a foreign worker in their day???

    • To help more people understand the issues can you provide some basic information about your business. What type of business? What positions do you hire tfw’s for? What province/area? What rate do you pay your tfw’s? Have you given up advertising for local/Canadian workers?

  67. How can there be a shortage of workers when the unemployment rate is over 7 per cent and youth unemployment is triple that.
    Canadians are not lazy and will move for well paid jobs. Why would you move to Calgary for a minimum wage job when the cost of living is so high. Business owners only want the tfw program to hold wages down. My wages have not gone up in 10 years while our CEO has had a 170 per cent raise . Now tfws are being brought in and our wages will go down even farther . There is not a labour shortage there is a shortage of labour willing to work for slave wages. To counter act this the tfw program brings slaves in from other countries. Our manufacturing is all off shore now the tfw program is bringing the cheap labour into canada .
    If the labour candidates immigrate legally like we all did then no problem.
    If you can bring some one from Asia to work you can certainly bring someone from eastern canada if you only pay a living wage.

  68. To describe the damage done to the economy by TFW being used as a slave labour force at 7% general unemployment (or higher as many people dropped out of the work force and are not measured by stats) and 15% youth unemployment (likely higher). This damage is being allowed by the politicians that we taxpayers are paying to protect our public interest – such irony.

    In an efficient economy, supply and demand are balanced. Generally, demand by consumers rarely outstrips ability to supply as the population and its needs are finite, thereby limiting demand. In our economy the unemployment rate shows that labour supply actually outstrips the demand for labour and has for years. A number of studies have confirmed that there are no labour shortages, except in very specific locations and industries. I expect that additional studies will show that there will be no labour shortage in the future either and, in fact, the future job numbers will be well short of what our population requires.

    Anyway, back to the damage. Where there is balance, businesses compete for labour by offering better wages, better benefits (i.e. dental or retirement plans), and better working conditions particularly where better wages are not possible (i.e. more time off, respect, good work environment, human rights). The competition is natural and supports human rights and living wages. This in turn naturally draws people to move and train for occupations where there are real shortages. Where labour supply outstrips demand by small amounts, there will be some stagnation in wages/benefits until it comes into balance.

    Where TFW’s are introduced and vastly increase the labour supply, it completely changes the economic picture: it pressures everything downward and prevents balance. For example, if one company that employs strictly Canadian citizens in respectful working conditions with living wages has to compete against another company that has been allowed to employ TFW’s (even though there is no labour shortage), the first company puts downward pressure on wages and conditions to compete – it affects host country workers negatively. The increase in margins of profitability are kept at the top and not shared – in our system where many of the companies are owned by shareholders and there is no accountability, this means CEO’s and Executive Boards get to take a larger share of the pie while workers lose out.

    To listen to all the business owners publicly cry that it costs them to bring in TFW’s is a joke and most people know it – we know that employers are charging rents for extra profit, one company owner even stated that he bought two houses and his TFW’s rent them from him so they are paying his rental mortgages as well as working twelve to sixteen hours a day for minimum wage. The youth in my community cannot find work – yet the local gas station is hiring nothing but TFW’s so these young people are out of luck.

    In Canada, what we have seen with the unchecked expansion of the TFW program, combined with the large immigration numbers, is devastation for host country workers. It has been the suppression of wages (most people have not seen their real wages increase for quite a while), the erosion of benefits (over the last ten years retirement benefits have become almost non-existent in the private sector), and the steady abandonment of human rights by employers (very noticeable for the last five years). Things are getting worse.

    The CONS boast that a million jobs have been created since the end of the recession sounds good until you realize that since the recession there may be 500,000 TFW’s and 1.25 million new immigrants. Not to mention most of the jobs are service sector and one of the main costs for the population, housing/shelter, did not decline through the recession and has continued its rapid upward trajectory due to policies.

    The TFW program is not a labour shortage program – it is wage, benefits, and human rights suppression program. Canadians are not lazy – we are tied to the cost of living in this country which employers want to take advantage of (i.e. through their pricing) but do not want to pay to support (by being competitive and fair). Ultimately, taxpayers supporting the unemployed, marginal workers and youth will pay the price and eventually the lack of retirement benefits or ability to save will be even more noticeable – the younger generations will be the most affected.

    It should frighten everyone that the BC and Federal Governments have signed letters of understanding with foreign companies on the LNG proposals – the media reported that part of the LOU’s are that the foreign companies can use the TFW program to ensure that wages are suppressed. Basically, we are selling our natural resources to offshore interests to damage the environment, create jobs for temporary foreign workers at lower wages and profits for the foreign owners. It is unclear where the net benefit would be considered to lie.

    Several things should be pointed out: the first is that my understanding of some of the arguments made for slavery in the southern usa before abolition was that the plantation owners would not be able to run their businesses if they had to pay for labour. It sounds frighteningly familiar doesn’t it?

    Second, most of the TFW’s who have been interviewed in the latest media attention have freely admitted that they have no expectation of temporary at all – they expect to become citizens by being involved for a few years. That is what they are being sold – being indentured for a chance to be a Canadian citizen. This means it is not temporary by any stretch of the imagination – though most people would agree that 4 years in not temporary anyway.

    Third, we are paying our politicians to meet with the corporate interests that flog this program – check the government records to get a full picture of why our politicians are so busy (see meetings with Dan Kelly/the CFIB). Too busy to talk with constituents or even talk to Canadians via the media. If a party ever proposes to make lobbying illegal, which would fix many problems, they would have my vote. If a party were to make lobbying illegal, end the TFW program except for the truly temporary jobs in agriculture and youth exchange in seasonal industries, end the investor immigrant program for good, ban foreign purchases of housing and land which are driving prices beyond reasonable reach for Canadians – all policies which would start to fix the problems and stop putting Canadians, both new and old, at a disadvantage, they would have our votes for life.

    This is not about the TFW people – if I were in their position, I may make the same choices. The fact is, as taxpayers we pay the politicians to protect our interests and the TFW program is not in the taxpayer interest. It is another form of corporate welfare and long term damage to taxpayers and the economy. Even saying that it allows some business to operate is fluff – yes, some business would not be able to operate because they are at the low end of the demand. This would put the owners and Canadian workers back into the labour pool and allow the shift to balance and efficient economy. Then, if demand increases, new businesses are created.

    Last, this program and the current government’s obscene pro-business/anti-worker and taxpayer position has convinced our family of historically staunch conservative voters to never vote conservative again. There has been an increase in pigs at the trough, increase their own salaries and benefits at the same time deciding that average Canadian wages should be suppressed through various programs, and older Canadians have to work longer, maybe until they drop dead, in worsening conditions while the CEO and Executive pay packages inflate beyond measure. The war on workers and average taxpayers has been so damaging that the Canada we hold dear may never recover.

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  70. The comments made by Rational, sums it all up, with the TFW program. This program needs to be abolished, it undermines our economy and places Canadian’s futures at risk. The employers abusing the rules and the government (Libs and the Cons) who implemented the program are extremely short sighted. When Canadians can’t find jobs and can’t keep up with the cost of living, they cannot buy the company products, the business ends up going out of business (TFW send their money home). Rotten companies can accuse Canadians for being uneducated, untrainable and lazy; at the end of the day these businesses will be blacklisted and government MP’s responsible will loose their jobs. Canadians are getting fed up, and I hope by the next election, they make their voices heard.

  71. How does a Dollar store need TFW? Or a Real Estate company, or Kelseys, or a Funeral home. My friend just got laid off from a funeral home. That is one business that will never go out of business. Why does Rogers or Toronto Comunity Housing need them? How can the guarantee a $40k a year income to a non-canadian but won’t hire a Canadian at that same cost. Someone who will be investing in Canada not someone who will be sending the $$ somewhere else.

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  74. Good discussion, all these businesses should held accountable along with the government agency responsible. Every business on this site says Canadians are lazy, don’t want to work, I say BS look in the mirror I know so many capable people that have applied for work in the oil sands in Alberta and not even a call back, but everyday TFWs walk in the door with poor English etc… putting safety programs at risk etc… . Its really sad.

  75. What happens when the employment fails? I know of two Chinese restaurants in Toronto that hired huge numbers of workers from Asia. The reason was their need for Chinese speaking servers and kitchen staff. After a required period of time, they dismissed all of the workers. All of those people applied for government benefits. I was in the government office when the workers started to line up. The sentiment at the time suggested that the whole process was a sham to get around immigration rules.

  76. Finally Tims and McDonalds are actually hiring .For years they never hired Canadians. Just think how many Canadian kids lost out on employment opportunities over the last few years. They do not like hiring Canadians because there are labour laws they have to follow.

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  82. Fiona Thronbourge  |  

    I work in the fast food industry. Before all that crap happened my owner was hiring TFW @ 12.25 an hr with full time hours and giving canadians min wage. I was excited about that system being put on hold. We use to never hire people who couldnt understand/speak english and now we have so many. But now when we get applications from canadians we have to put them into the system and give a valid reason why they werent hirable. I like the way the system is working so far but im sure it will go downhill and will be abused again. One thing they should do with the TFW system is make it so only so many foreigners can come to Canada a year.

  83. Even low class, lower level companies like Walmart, XS Cargo, Dollar Tree, Great Canadian Dollar Stores don’t hire TFW staff. Sure, they pay cheap, but at least it is still a Canadian citizen employee. Racial, religious, sexual, age discrimination is just wrong, however hire Canadian citizens whoever they are. I would like to see the entire Foreign Worker programs bumped off permanently for all levels and industries. Foreigners can work if they get a work visa document the old fashion way, and hire citizens first. I don’t care about the companies and organizations whining. They can closed down or cut back their business operations to fit the citizen staffing levels they have at hand.

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  88. I have been working in camps in the oilfields in Northern Alberta for the last 4 years. The camps are filled with foreign workers doing jobs such as house keeping, kitchen work, and utility work, They are payed quite well and manage to save lots of money. I enjoy working with them and most are awesome people. The problem I see is that many companies take advantage of hiring them claiming that foreign workers work much harder then Canadians. That is not true and they also make the same amount as a Canadian. $26 an hour is quite common. Some more some less. I wish more Canadians would get off their ass and go do these jobs. One company recently got blacklisted. They cannot hire foreign workers for the next 2 years, because they may of made false claims about needing them instead of Canadians.Come on Canadians get up there and work. These people are making between 60 and 80 thousand a year.

    • How do you know people are are paind 23 p/h? Have you checked their bank accounts? I guess non-canadians are hired to do the dirtiest jobs for the lowest payment in this country. This is formilized slavery. None ever checks the labor standards or conditions at which non-canadians are empployed.

      Many qualified people amongst immigrants are made to accept unskilled jobs. This is also true.

      • I know immigrants that came making 15/h and now are making 32/h, and they where hired by canadians over canadians, because they are simply better, they work hard, show up every day, pass the drug test any time, no want more fw? Get up your ass, stop whining and please get off the drugs. Canada needs hard working people, foreign or local, make no difference on the real companies that are making this country grow strong.

    • Bill you lie dude…….look at the map……..60-80 thousand in For mac…..3200 a month for rent man? Get off the pot dude.

  89. Many times in the past recruiters and web posters had claimed that to find a decent job in Canada you would nee to be present in the country or city. This CANNOT be true!

    Actually, when you have finally arrived in a city and started settling down – none will still hire you. I am in Calgary, and I came here by quitting my career back home. What I did experience in this city was more like falling a victim of mafia through every hiring process I have attempted so far – everywhere and every time I had applied. Virtually, none calls you and none expects you for the interview. This is more like a mafia. The only places newcomers could work would appear Walmart chain stores paying $10-11 per hour … OMG, with rental prices hovering $1200-1500 in Calgary. Some other people keep early morning (or night) jobs paying the irrelevant. Please keep in mind that if you cannot find work in Calgary, you will not find it anywhere in Canada.
    Please do not come to this country hoping on any meaningful employment of yourself.

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  95. It is your duty to exposed the bad, cheap, and mental employers. Tell who the good employers are. They deserve to be punished or rewarded. Go to,, Yahoo Answers, etc.

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