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    • This isn’t Harpers agenda. While there are abuses I see the need in some places. But sure as hell not McDonalds or Tim Horton’s hell even an Electrolux dealer in Airdrie????? I think this is an issue of business owners being greedy and taking advantage of a system. Get mad at the business not at the government.

      • ShipsNotStarting  |  

        The first thing they did when they got in was remove the regulatory body that was in place that prevented these abuses in 2006. This was primarily an obvious initiative to lower the labor costs of the oil patch in Alberta. Because of the focus of the current government on Alberta, it wasn’t considered what would actually happen in the rest of Canada. In short, they were told to do it, so they wanted it, they planned it, and it was the first thing they did. Just look at the sale of Petro Canada to Suncor. Who benefited from the removal of a crown corporation that provided an alternative with firm government guidelines to the energy industry? Not taxpayers. Albertans just think that because Trudeau slashed jobs at Petro Can and caused a massive recession in Alberta it (Petro Canada) was a bad thing so you destroy it. Instead of realizing that without Petro Can, there would be zero infrastructure and expertise for the current energy strategy there. If you are an Albertan, you need to start getting your news from non-con sources. Try the BBC, Al Jazeera or VICE.

        • Sorry for the late reply I don’t visit the site that often.
          The sale of Petro-Can was a push from the major share holders primarily the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan. I worked for Petro-Can at the time in Alberta and saw what happened. Trudeau didn’t cut jobs at PC he created it and put policies in place that killed investment and that led to job loss……. I lived through that shit storm too. Again there is a need for some workers being brought in. but the fast food, grocery store chains and other unskilled labour jobs are BS.

      • Sorry Trevor, but it is Steven Harpers problem. The TFW program has been in existence since the 70’s with no problems, but along came the Conservatives and their big Corporate sponsors and they changed the program to favour Business. Companies then come in offering their cheaper workers, they are the middleman and they take part of the pay of the TFW. It is all a scam with the foreign worker and ordinary Canadians losing out while the big Corporations that are selling the TFW and Business that benefit. Now we have the problems. The CEO of RBC owns part of the company that they shipped all their IT jobs to in India. If we don’t start fighting (as the Americans do) for Canadian jobs, buy Canadian, buy local, have venture capital for Canadian business and stop selling Canada to foreigners, (how much of the tar sands is owned by foreigners), Canadian will lose.

  1. I wonder if anyone has looked into StatOil’s SAGD project near Ft Mac. A good friend of mine shared his story as how he was ‘let go’ and replaced with a US manager….. my friend was the LAST CANADIAN (they were all qualified) they had hired in his field. Nice eh!!

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  2. I feel depressed that non citizens under the T.F.W. are replacing our best and brightest.

    This is bad news for Canada’s economy and a direct assault on the high standards of living citizens have built up over the previous generations.

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