Operation RAILMOP

Operation Rejected Applicants Investigating Labour Market Opinion Process (RAILMOP) aims to ensure that no résumé of a Canadian candidate goes straight into the trash can to make way for a temporary foreign worker.

How it works:

  1. If you have applied for jobs at known TFW employers but did not get a call back to report the experience to us using this form.
  2. We will identify those employers who get reported repeatedly, and submit access to information and privacy (ATIP) requests to obtain details about all their LMO applications.
  3. We will publish the information obtained via the ATIP requests and invite the unsuccessful Canadian candidates to see for themselves what justifications were used to exclude their résumés.
  4. Canadian candidates who feel that the process was unfair can chose to take appropriate legal action to remedy the situation.

Your privacy
We do not collect any personal identifiable information other than your email address, which you only need to supply if you would like to hear back from us. If you are concerned about your privacy, please feel free to create another nondescript email account using a free email services such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, and use that in the application form.

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  2. This is a fantastic move. This will open up every TFW employers who snubs Canadian applicants to potential legal action. Candidates who get displaced to make way for TFWs will be able to file CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS.

    I did some research, and It’s against the Human Rights codes of most provinces to not hire you based on your nationality alone (provided that you can legally work in Canada).

    If ANY employer hires a TFW over a Canadian without proper justification, they are violating the HR code of that province!

    This will make employers think twice, nay ten times, before putting Canadians out of work.

  3. Your banner has a glaring grammatical error: “Don’t let TFW employers trash you résumé”.

    It should read: “Don’t let TFW employers trash YOUR résumé”.

    By using incorrect grammar, the movement against the Temporary Worker Program loses credibility, and appears to be possibly a phishing scam, where grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are the norm.

  4. Shaunna Jennison-Yung  |  

    This is a wonderful idea however for those that feel they have lost a job directly to a TFW(laid off or fired) this does not apply. I would like to see the same idea only for displaced canadians

  5. Your website doesn’t work for reporting CVs being ignored. It says the date is in an invalid format, even though it’s in the format specified.

  6. You should understand that a majority of Canadian applicants have set their expectations much to high for production positions in the nursery industry and are unable to last very long in the conditions specified in the advertisements. Speaking for the entire industry we would love to hire Canadians to do the job. Unfortunately an extremely poor track record by Canadian applicants has left a sour taste in the mouths of farmers looking to fill production positions especially at key times of the year when demand is high.

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